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By the way…

5 Nov

idk if i’m coming or not for the holidays anymore, hopefully i can but right now i just don’t know

anyhow today imma gonna stay at the appartment so tomorrow i can be there to receive the stinkin appliances

and thx to my mom there aint no way in hell im doing coin laundry its freakin annoying and in the long run  its dries u out

im gonna do the “at my aunts” laundry XD

my mom’s in miami with washer & dryer that’s not in use and shes not coming till at least for another 6 months and to this point i still dont know how shes bringing all the stuff thats still over there, one f****** thing thats for sure is my hands arent in this one shes finding help somewhere where im not

***o yes by the way this washer & dryer are the same one and only that we had trouble getting over to the appartment in broaward, since then the total amount of use “none”, in the appartment shes at there is no connection for it so its all picking dust we on the otherhand have connection for it but apparently that doesnt matter for now****


f***** f********* hell!!!!