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Current Life…

4 Nov

well once again like always its been 4ver since ive posted or talked to any1..

well things are going round like crazy and not so crazy things are changing & i really need to get a grasp of everything or ill just get drowned in it all


anyway first up is im moving again this time in an apartment far away from my aunts house, and for the time being it will be me and my sister till my mom shows up in the summer, in the midst of all this im trying to really find myself and what the hell i want to do in life as well as trying to change myself and how ive been as a person overall most of my definatly better than before but its not enough it really does take a toll on you after a while im really tired but i cant quite cuz if their is one thing that will survive in me in the end its that i wont allow myself to quit give up or w/e goes with  all of that

there is so much more i want to say but i dont really know how to and this post is all typed wrong or w/e thats not the point i just wanna say this

yea im out of things to say so ill end it at that

XD take care everyone ttyls


Something Chipmunk forgot

4 Nov

princess whats her name gets replace by chipmunk