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Gateway M-7351u Laptop Computer and CompUsa

26 Oct

well this is my rant.

My brother surprised me with a lappy today. I was really happy but mad at the same time cause my brother used his money that he should be saving. Well any ways he got me this gateway M-7351u laptop, it seems nice and all but what my brother told me about it lasting 6 hours and such sounded a bit fishy.

So i turned on the computer, (A) there is no partition table, basically that the hard drive is bad or disconnected, it was a defective product to begin with. Since my brother bought with his money on a *new* product which should be working out of the box,  i think it was a huge disappointment that they didn’t have a functioning computer.

(B) the battery on this laptop is according to tiger direct 3.75 hours, well it doesn’t even reach that number, its only 2- 3 hours max plus its known to freeze,  overheat and mouse breaks.  they lied to my brother on this lappy which angers me a lot. So tomorrow I will get to curse at this idiot who duped my brother and I. >_>

I hate CompUsa.

They suck. it wasn’t the first time i had problems with them. Ridiculous. seriously. Bad customer service as in lying customer service.  So yeah beware of CompUsa.