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Gateway M-7351u Laptop Computer and CompUsa

26 Oct

well this is my rant.

My brother surprised me with a lappy today. I was really happy but mad at the same time cause my brother used his money that he should be saving. Well any ways he got me this gateway M-7351u laptop, it seems nice and all but what my brother told me about it lasting 6 hours and such sounded a bit fishy.

So i turned on the computer, (A) there is no partition table, basically that the hard drive is bad or disconnected, it was a defective product to begin with. Since my brother bought with his money on a *new* product which should be working out of the box,  i think it was a huge disappointment that they didn’t have a functioning computer.

(B) the battery on this laptop is according to tiger direct 3.75 hours, well it doesn’t even reach that number, its only 2- 3 hours max plus its known to freeze,  overheat and mouse breaks.  they lied to my brother on this lappy which angers me a lot. So tomorrow I will get to curse at this idiot who duped my brother and I. >_>

I hate CompUsa.

They suck. it wasn’t the first time i had problems with them. Ridiculous. seriously. Bad customer service as in lying customer service.  So yeah beware of CompUsa.


Shelter, I liked it.

22 Oct

A friend of mine had recently told me about this movie, and told me how good it was for an independent film. So my friend suggested I should watch it also. There are a lot of independent films out there are are so much better than things that come out in the theaters, so I decided to follow his word on it and watched the movie also.  The movie was called Shelter and I didn’t really do much reading or looking up on it so I just went straight ahead and watched it.

Well I started watching the movie and then I realized that this was more of a “coming out” type of movie (aka meaning it was a gay coming out) and I was like “Oh, no biggie”. And as the story progressed it became a really nice movie and I really did like the movie. The story was great the, character development were great, everything I think was just great. Shelter was a good movie to show the struggle that people have in their lives when trying to find out who they are.

When Zach(Trevor Wright) is Forced to give up his dreams of art school, he spends his days working a dead-end job and helping his needy sister care for her son Cody which he loves dearly. In his free time Zach loves to surf, he loves to draw and show his expressions in his art. Also when he is free Zach hangs out with his best friend, Gabe, who lives on the wealthy side of town, but when Gabe goes out of town and his older brother Shaun(Brad Rowe) returns home to get away from his problems. Shaun is drawn to Zach’s selflessness and talent and Zach falls in love with Shaun while struggling to figure out his own desires with the needs of his family and life. 


13 Oct






Stop look at the feathers, Stop dadadada

9 Oct

I can’t believe I didn’t listen to this album fully when I got it, I neglected it and I am sorry 😦 Rie Fu don’t hurtz me pwease. But yes, I wanted to hear something other than DAI (LAWL YEA… I took to much DAI and I just need a break) and I was flipping through some albums I had and realized I never really gave Rie Fu’s Urban Romantic , and Tobira Album any chance yet. (and to those who don’t know who she is, I guess if you ever watched Bleach she was the artist who did the 1st ending theme song “Life is like a Boat” for the show and I Wanna Go To A Place from Gundam Seed Destiny, so youtube it or whatever if you want familiarize yourself)

Well I have to admit I did listen to Urban Romantic before but I really didn’t put any effort to listening to it cause I was more demanding that there were more songs like her Romantic single and I really should not have done that. The album is really amazing. I especially love her English track drummy, its so upbeat and catchy. I do also love Romantic and the Romantic Strings version, but the whole album was pretty good. I like how in some of her tracks she gives you a nice folk/Celtic type sound to her music, makes you really get into it.

Tobira Album is really good too. Her albums are really good xD (dunno why this never caught on). I especially like Sunshine of my day ~live version~. Its really upbeat and it reminds me of the song Lump by The Presidents of The United States, its really catchy and it has a similar beat (well not to similar but catchy similar). Two other songs really caught my attention, ツキアカリand dreams be. ツキアカリ is a ballad but its a really nice ballad, I guess what really makes me like it is the piano, her vocals and the slight Japaneses feel to it. dreams be is another English track and its a really nice poetic type song. It starts off nice and slow then the drums kicks in and the beat goes up and it flows really nicely.

Overall the albums are really good. I didn’t really say much about the album itself but more of my favorite tracks, but they are really good albums. Also her English is really good cause she speaks it fluently unlike some other artist I listen to who sing ENGRISH and its liek WTF LAWL.  But any who its my blog so HA! I can do whatever I want bwahahaha 😛


9 Oct

Our Future

6 Oct

Our future at its best 🙂

|-`).。oO(M。CHO) says:
*oi oi
Josh says:
*oi oi oi
|-`).。oO(M。CHO) says:
*oi oi oi oi
Josh says:
|-`).。oO(M。CHO) says:
Josh says:
|-`).。oO(M。CHO) says:
Josh says:
|-`).。oO(M。CHO) says:
*wad up
Josh says:
*im gonna nap until 12
*then get on haloz and get mah recon armor
*then finish hw
*and back to bed
|-`).。oO(M。CHO) says:
*sounds like you have it all planned out. i just let the time pass by and let the inevitable happen.
Josh says:
*well it’s cuz of whats coming up
*i planned it while i was asleep at school

*tears of happiness*

358/2 Days

6 Oct

kingdom hearts Kingdom Hearts KINGDOM HEARTS


Eternal Flame is Home =D

4 Oct

YAY my CD+DVD is here Thank You Danny again ^^ ^^. Originally the package got here on Friday but i didn’t get to use the dang camera till today, had to get a new set of batteries then had to get them charged so LAWL. Also I totally didn’t know that the 1st press releases get a poster for those who preordered so it was totally awesome too. Luckily we got it from CDJapan instead of Yesasia xD.  Other than that check out the awesome CD =D.

Jacket Front

Jacket Front

Jacket Back

Jacket Back



1st Press DVD with documentary

1st Press DVD with documentary

1st Press Poster

1st Press Poster

Awesome stuff. I need to get the booklet scanned soon hopefully I can get that done soon. Also who else agrees that the Tangerine Dream 10th Anniversary bonus track was the absolute greatest way to close the CD up. It was a breath of fresh air with a hint of the past to remind us how great DAI is. XD

Things to stumble onto

1 Oct

Well as I was doing my web browsing today someone has posted a link on the infamous DAIforums and it was worth the clicking ^^. The video is a jam session in Dai Nagao’s (the founder of Do As Infinity and other various artists) studio with Michael Ripoll (vocal/guitar), Richie Pena (percussion/drums) and Aria Asia (violin, an artist under Dai Nagao) doing a cover of the famous “I Shot the Sheriff”. What make this video so great is that you can just sit back and relax to it. Aria also amazes me on her skills with the violin, you can just sit back and get entranced by it. Check it out, its really good.