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Yazima Beauty Salon

26 Sep

I think thats the name of the group, not sure XD

its is a really catchy tune, i like it 😀

Currently it is Japan’s second most popular karaoke song.

Yes and they are all guys wearing very shiny dresses 😀

The “youngest” member is called Strawberry “she” is currently 12 years old . lol

watching this certainly made my day.


Playing with Dolls

26 Sep

^^ Dollhouse season 2 is out and as for a season opener it was pretty awesome!!!! Normally seasons tend to start slow but this went straight to where it left off. What I’m really looking for this season is what is Alpha going to be doing and what is Whiskey going to do now that she is the way she is, hmmm how to say this its like she knows everything (well almost everything) she knows who she was somewhat, and she knows that she has been programed. I dunno how to describe it exactly but it looks like this season is going to be very interesting since its revolving around Whiskey too. Also who saw that lil girl on girl scene that was like happening between Echo and Whiskey LAWL, its odd that this scene shows up when Whiskey is checking her XD XD (sorry I can’t type it its to funny)

OK enough of that part. On another note did you grab the Virtual Echo they released? xD I know Kiyoshi is enjoying this little application. It is an interesting application with the web-cam program interaction. I would try to use the web cam interaction thingy but I’m to lazy to get my cam and do it so bleh. Other than that its an interesting application. xD  I just downloaded some more persona’s but I can see Yoshi is going to have this thing running 24/7 and be like OMGHAWTNESSBBQSAWCEELIZHOLLAVANILLAMILKSHAKE!!