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New York Anime Festival = )

19 Sep

Yo ho!!!!

I’m super uber happy, next weekend is the annual Anime Festival here in New York and Me is going, HURRAY!!!!

Though i would really love to go with all of you guys, i will do my best to bring the Festival to you,  unfortunally i won’t  do cosplay, like i was dying to, but next year i will hopefully do something for sure, anyway i’m not going alone, my friend Jen and her friend David are going as well, so don’t worry, lol, me in good hands =D (though i can’t tell the same about them… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *evil smile*) here i leave you the official page of the event.


Sorry that i don’t really post more often here…. I would love to say that i don’t have time, because that in some way would sound like i’m cool and busy, but that’s not the case… >_> Me don’t have a computer T_T or know anyone in the country that i live that has one TT_TT… Anyway, see you next weekend with hopefully a lots of pictures = D