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「Eternal Flame」 PV & Rip

18 Sep

「Eternal Flame」 PV is out and I really really like it. It has this old retro type of look to it and its awesome. But for now I won’t talk to much off the PV until I post it later on. But for now I give you the 「Eternal Flame」 PV RIP to feed your Do As hunger until the 「Eternal Flame」 Album is finally released. Its also cool how much Van’s english has improved. She still has that “engrish” way of pronouncing stuff but you can understand what she is saying. Also in part of the song I’m not sure if its just me or it has a hint of Break Of Dawn in it, its around the part where its just the piano, the acoustic guitar and a flute are playing. I do find this pretty cool because Break of Dawn was also in english and it was the 1st track one their 1st album release so it was a nice little homage to their 1st album on their revival album.

Download – 「Eternal Flame」 PV Or  「Eternal Flame」 PV Rip


Rebellion against the Teddy bears?

18 Sep

The release of Uprising’s video recently came out and I love the PV(BEST VIDEO EVER!!!! =D =D). They live up to the single album art and added the teddy bears to the video making it totally epic xD. The video is awesome the song is awesome, everything about this single is just awesome. I would totally want a teddy like the ones in the video, except that one mutant looking teddy, that one creeps me out. xD

Go evil teddy bears, I will aid you in taking over the world!!! It was also interesting watching them make Uprising. LOL and did you see Christopher  Wolstenholme’s (bass player) t-shirt it was hilarious xD Bird Bird LOL. It was also pretty funny when they had to go in the bathroom to try and get a different sound effects for the finger snapping xD.