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Dun dun dun!

16 Sep

So in order to not incur anymore of Marc’s wrath since the alcohol he constantly puts into his system makes him angrier at me (tehe, just kidding). I started college about 3 and 1/2 weeks ago and I’m not gonna lie I’m loving it. Not really too sure what is it about it but it’s much, much better than high school. Granted, I’m not living on campus so I’m probably not getting the full “college experience” or whatever you want to call it. So far my classes have been great especially my Japanese class which I will probably end up majoring in or possibly double majoring along with East Asian studies, not too sure which yet. Everything in college has just felt right, which I know sounds kind of stupid or corny but it really has, right down to the campus, my classes and the people.

Anyway, in news that matters to me and probably won’t matter to anyone else, Shakugan no Shana is going to have a third season and I’m super excited! =) No idea why I liked this series so much but if anyone else likes it, you should let me know. Yeah… umm… えと.. That’s all I got.




16 Sep

Most of you  might have known this or not, maybe some of you did or not, as for me i just found out like 2 days ago or so.

NO i don’t have cancer, it’s about Aspartame and how it can give you cancer or should say prone to give it.

Aspartame is a sort of sugar substitute you find in most if not all chewing gum(especially the no sugar ones), its in coke drinks, its in a whole lote of places. It’s pretty crazy with  all the crazy crap around the world already. Anyhow I don’t want to make anyone paranoid or anything but if you look at ingredients of products it’ll tell you if there is Aspartame or not.

well I thought you should know if at least you didn’t.

well take care stay healthy and reduce risks as much as possible

Concert? Show?Magic? All?!

16 Sep

See artists that do things like this makes me like them more. On Koda Kumi’s new tour thats coming out on DVD soon WOWOW showed a clip/performance that was done during the tour to promote the DVD release. Well after watching it, it just makes me like Koda Kumi much more.  The clip was her performance of “This is not a love song” and it was spectacular (yea i asctually used that word). Instead of just being her on stage dancing to the song and singing, she puts more effort into it. Koda gives you a show, a concert, and pure entertainment, thats AWESOME!.

Thats some good entertainment there.