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Day 1 Recap

15 Sep

Well yep, its been one day from the VMA’s and yea everywhere you go its all about the Kanye and Taylor Swift incident. Well after one day P!nk trashes him on the Today show, Colbert trashes him on his 1st episode back after 3 weeks and even Obama had his partake on the comments LOL. But what has also happened is the release of various pictures of Kanye doing something that I would like to call the Kanye Diss (aka a meme) where he stops someone like how he did at the VMA. I do have to admit some of these are mighty hilarious but WOW some are a bit wrong, especially some that have him making fun of Patrick Swayze. ( I will admit I did chuckle/say “oohhh nooo” but really that’s just not right the guy just died, and I am sorry for my laugh/comment May you rest in peace Patrick Swayze) But what can you do, that is the internet for you.

I do have to admit these are pretty funny.

One thing though I am hoping that will happen will be for SNL to make fun of this incident with Kanye and Taylor. It has great potential and can probably bring in lots of LOLS.