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Love Hate

14 Sep

LOL WOW! so yea I can admit I deleted/removed Kanye’s music, I only liked one song of the album anyways so it wasn’t a tragic loss. But wow everywhere you go, you see everyone hating him (love the trash talking) but going just a little tooo far. I am a hater *holla!* but I will never go to the extent that some people are going on his facebook calling him a racist *N word* and yea lol. He is still and always will be a douchebag in my book :), but some people just need to chill a bit. Its also funny seeing celebs trashing him, like Pink, Spencer/ Heidi, Kelly Clarkson, Joel Madden and a lot more. LOL overall I think he just did this for publicity and he got what he wanted… just more negative publicity. Other than that…