「Eternal Flame」Tracklist

5 Sep


02. 最後のGAME(Last Game)
03. Perfect World
04. 名もなき革命 (Unknown Revolution)
05. ナイター (Nighter)
06. Feelin’The Light
07. メラメラ (Flaring up)
08. Piece Of Your Heart
09. 北風 (north wind)
10. his hometown
11. 焔 (Blaze)
12. 生まれゆくものたちへ (ones to be born)
13 Tangerine Dream ~10th anniversary~
-最後のGAME(The last game)
-生まれゆくものたちへ (ones to be born)
first press only special footage “Do As fuukatsu made no kiseki” (logus till the Do As rebirth)

OOOO More stuff for the 1st press release xD can’t wait till I get mine, ❤ Danny =D YAY! ^^ best B-day prezzie =D =D =D

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