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Happy 10th Anniversary

29 Sep

Today marks Do As Infinity’s 10th Anniversary (YAY Happy Birthday) and the release of  their newest album Eternal Flame. From what ive heard from everyone who has listened to it from the forums is that it is EPIC and I am totally missing out on listening to it cause I am waiting for my copy to reach home. Its like me pointing my finger out like ET but calling my CD  “CD come home” LAWL other than that I didn’t want to post this till today (even though I posted it on DAIFORUM already but w/e) seeing that it fit the occasion.

10月4日(日)!! 横浜赤レンガパーク特設ステージにて!!
デビュー10周年記念フリーライブ、『Do As Infinity ー FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! ー』開催決定!!!

10周年というメモリアルイヤーに突入するDo As Infinityが、


Google translate (to lazy to translate it myself)
October 4 (Sunday)! Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Park at a special stage!
Free live 10 anniversary of his debut, 『Do As InfinityーFREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! Heldー』 decision!

Plunge into the 10 year anniversary of Do As Infinity Memorial, the
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Park at a special stage, do Akosutikkufuriraibu!!
Please everyone come come come to play!

“Sun Performance”
October 4 (Sun)
Yokohama Red Brick Park special stage
“Open / Start”
Open 13:00 / 14:00 will start

Yes! its another FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! live. Now what is making me wonder about this is; will they make this live viewable on Yahoo! like they did last year. I would hope they consider doing that since they started the FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! with Yahoo! live streaming. Only time will tell but its not too far away so hopefully info will be released soon. Other than that HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Do As Infinity and*points middle oh wait i mean pointer finger* “CD COME HOME”

New York Anime Festival 2009

27 Sep

OMG!!  I had so much fun today, i’m actually beated up, but since tomorrow i’m going back to Pennsylvania i have to finish uploading the pics, and specially here. Hope you like them = )

Yazima Beauty Salon

26 Sep

I think thats the name of the group, not sure XD

its is a really catchy tune, i like it 😀

Currently it is Japan’s second most popular karaoke song.

Yes and they are all guys wearing very shiny dresses 😀

The “youngest” member is called Strawberry “she” is currently 12 years old . lol

watching this certainly made my day.

Playing with Dolls

26 Sep

^^ Dollhouse season 2 is out and as for a season opener it was pretty awesome!!!! Normally seasons tend to start slow but this went straight to where it left off. What I’m really looking for this season is what is Alpha going to be doing and what is Whiskey going to do now that she is the way she is, hmmm how to say this its like she knows everything (well almost everything) she knows who she was somewhat, and she knows that she has been programed. I dunno how to describe it exactly but it looks like this season is going to be very interesting since its revolving around Whiskey too. Also who saw that lil girl on girl scene that was like happening between Echo and Whiskey LAWL, its odd that this scene shows up when Whiskey is checking her XD XD (sorry I can’t type it its to funny)

OK enough of that part. On another note did you grab the Virtual Echo they released? xD I know Kiyoshi is enjoying this little application. It is an interesting application with the web-cam program interaction. I would try to use the web cam interaction thingy but I’m to lazy to get my cam and do it so bleh. Other than that its an interesting application. xD  I just downloaded some more persona’s but I can see Yoshi is going to have this thing running 24/7 and be like OMGHAWTNESSBBQSAWCEELIZHOLLAVANILLAMILKSHAKE!!

Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver

24 Sep

The remakes to the classics continue in this revisited adventure!

Already released in Japan and coming soon to the US!
Released on the 10th year anniversary of the original Gold & Silver games in japan and will be presumably released during the US’s 10th year aniversary. This is the one the fans have finally been waiting for! Can’t wait!

New York Anime Festival = )

19 Sep

Yo ho!!!!

I’m super uber happy, next weekend is the annual Anime Festival here in New York and Me is going, HURRAY!!!!

Though i would really love to go with all of you guys, i will do my best to bring the Festival to you,  unfortunally i won’t  do cosplay, like i was dying to, but next year i will hopefully do something for sure, anyway i’m not going alone, my friend Jen and her friend David are going as well, so don’t worry, lol, me in good hands =D (though i can’t tell the same about them… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *evil smile*) here i leave you the official page of the event.


Sorry that i don’t really post more often here…. I would love to say that i don’t have time, because that in some way would sound like i’m cool and busy, but that’s not the case… >_> Me don’t have a computer T_T or know anyone in the country that i live that has one TT_TT… Anyway, see you next weekend with hopefully a lots of pictures = D

「Eternal Flame」 PV & Rip

18 Sep

「Eternal Flame」 PV is out and I really really like it. It has this old retro type of look to it and its awesome. But for now I won’t talk to much off the PV until I post it later on. But for now I give you the 「Eternal Flame」 PV RIP to feed your Do As hunger until the 「Eternal Flame」 Album is finally released. Its also cool how much Van’s english has improved. She still has that “engrish” way of pronouncing stuff but you can understand what she is saying. Also in part of the song I’m not sure if its just me or it has a hint of Break Of Dawn in it, its around the part where its just the piano, the acoustic guitar and a flute are playing. I do find this pretty cool because Break of Dawn was also in english and it was the 1st track one their 1st album release so it was a nice little homage to their 1st album on their revival album.

Download – 「Eternal Flame」 PV Or  「Eternal Flame」 PV Rip

Rebellion against the Teddy bears?

18 Sep

The release of Uprising’s video recently came out and I love the PV(BEST VIDEO EVER!!!! =D =D). They live up to the single album art and added the teddy bears to the video making it totally epic xD. The video is awesome the song is awesome, everything about this single is just awesome. I would totally want a teddy like the ones in the video, except that one mutant looking teddy, that one creeps me out. xD

Go evil teddy bears, I will aid you in taking over the world!!! It was also interesting watching them make Uprising. LOL and did you see Christopher  Wolstenholme’s (bass player) t-shirt it was hilarious xD Bird Bird LOL. It was also pretty funny when they had to go in the bathroom to try and get a different sound effects for the finger snapping xD.

Dun dun dun!

16 Sep

So in order to not incur anymore of Marc’s wrath since the alcohol he constantly puts into his system makes him angrier at me (tehe, just kidding). I started college about 3 and 1/2 weeks ago and I’m not gonna lie I’m loving it. Not really too sure what is it about it but it’s much, much better than high school. Granted, I’m not living on campus so I’m probably not getting the full “college experience” or whatever you want to call it. So far my classes have been great especially my Japanese class which I will probably end up majoring in or possibly double majoring along with East Asian studies, not too sure which yet. Everything in college has just felt right, which I know sounds kind of stupid or corny but it really has, right down to the campus, my classes and the people.

Anyway, in news that matters to me and probably won’t matter to anyone else, Shakugan no Shana is going to have a third season and I’m super excited! =) No idea why I liked this series so much but if anyone else likes it, you should let me know. Yeah… umm… えと.. That’s all I got.



16 Sep

Most of you  might have known this or not, maybe some of you did or not, as for me i just found out like 2 days ago or so.

NO i don’t have cancer, it’s about Aspartame and how it can give you cancer or should say prone to give it.

Aspartame is a sort of sugar substitute you find in most if not all chewing gum(especially the no sugar ones), its in coke drinks, its in a whole lote of places. It’s pretty crazy with  all the crazy crap around the world already. Anyhow I don’t want to make anyone paranoid or anything but if you look at ingredients of products it’ll tell you if there is Aspartame or not.

well I thought you should know if at least you didn’t.

well take care stay healthy and reduce risks as much as possible