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愛の季節- Ai no Kisesu

26 Aug

Aki’s new single is coming out soon =D =D, next month is already packed with Do As Infinity, Muse and Aki releasing new stuff ^^.  So far I’ve heard stuff from Do As, and Muse but nothing to much from Aki’s music wise as like a preview, the only thing close to a preview was from the trains in Japan that are using a snipit of her song when they departure. Other than that it should be an interesting month, its already jam packed with music, b-days and who knows what else xD.

Well here is a promo of the upcoming single from Aki and i like the picture but also miss the ways how her old singles/album covers looked. Like it was just a picture of her plain and simple now they are trying xD its a good single cover, but I dunno I think I’m the only one who liked the old covers better xD


01 愛の季節- Ai no Kisesu [5:01]
02 エミリー – Emily [3:52]
03 It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday [3:03]

Now here she does look like Alex a bit, but more of an adult Alex, like future Alex. Its still odd how they both look like each other in some picture but still cool, it would be really funny if Alex went to Japan and ppl started chasing her cause she resembled Angela LOL.