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Bones got up

21 Aug

Im into The Dead Weather now

8:47pm Marc

i dunno

that sounds pretty emo gay

8:47pm Bones

lol no

8:47pm Marc

the dead weather


that soo emo gay xD

8:48pm Bones

Its Jack White’s new band with that chick from The Kills

8:48pm Marc


8:48pm Bones

Best album I paid for in a while

8:48pm Marc


8:49pm Bones

yeah I just jack shit now days

8:49pm Marc


8:50pm Bones

I knew I was setting myself up


i should post this up

so everyone knows

8:51pm Bones

that would be very cool…

8:51pm Marc

lol ok then i will do it since i have ur approval now

8:52pm Bones

fuck no!! lol

「Do The Museum」

21 Aug

Wow the name of this sounds a bit dirty xD. But yes let me introduce 「Do The Museum」, This is a lil new installment to the Do As Infinity upcoming 10th anniversary. The book will be about the bands history from their release of 「Tangerine Dream」 till their last Single 「TAO(at that time not sure if it will include the recent single). The Book is also said to have a CD with a new song with its release so it should be a very interesting item to grab ^^. So now do as infinity is like totally robbing me lol, a new album that I need to get and a book, what next a formal dinner set with all the single and album covers over the plates? (I swear this is a plot from Avex tracks just to get money I just know it and its working QQ) o.O spare me!!!!! or maybe I could use these as hints for my b-day coming up? HAHAHA *nudge nudge* xD