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Guild Wars 2 Trailer

20 Aug

The very very very 1st look into the world of Guild Wars 2! And I must say I am very pleased of what they have done. Though I do still agree upon that they should have released another expansion for the current Guild Wars, I guess what they have done here makes up for the lack of new content. Well anyways the trailer is here and the official site is up with some tad bits of the game.

I do plan on making a Sylvari toon cause I do enjoy the caster type characters but what will I do with my Assassins wether if i should keep them human or what I have no idea, would be funny seeing a small little Asuran shadow stepping and ganking things/people xD OOOOOH snap! Idea just hit me, I will have an Asuran sin if that is possible and make Mokona Dono that sin LAWL xD but for my other Sin Kurogane and my mesmer AHHH!!! I dunno!!!. Blah they need to release more info soon!!!