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愛の季節 – Ai no Kisesu (Season of Love) PV

31 Aug

Pretty good song, dunno what to really say about it LOL. Its good but I think maybe the B-sides might be better. Still the song is great, that’s all that really counts =D. I guess the thing that probably bothers me about it is that its just another pv of her sitting there playing a piano, I guess its just getting a lil repetitive. She really needs to make a single that is a epic as Requiem that will be awesome, with the PV with her not just being behind a piano. Still overall its a good song =D.

Download – 愛の季節 – Ai no Kisesu PV

Romaji & English Lyrics


愛の季節- Ai no Kisesu

26 Aug

Aki’s new single is coming out soon =D =D, next month is already packed with Do As Infinity, Muse and Aki releasing new stuff ^^.  So far I’ve heard stuff from Do As, and Muse but nothing to much from Aki’s music wise as like a preview, the only thing close to a preview was from the trains in Japan that are using a snipit of her song when they departure. Other than that it should be an interesting month, its already jam packed with music, b-days and who knows what else xD.

Well here is a promo of the upcoming single from Aki and i like the picture but also miss the ways how her old singles/album covers looked. Like it was just a picture of her plain and simple now they are trying xD its a good single cover, but I dunno I think I’m the only one who liked the old covers better xD


01 愛の季節- Ai no Kisesu [5:01]
02 エミリー – Emily [3:52]
03 It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday [3:03]

Now here she does look like Alex a bit, but more of an adult Alex, like future Alex. Its still odd how they both look like each other in some picture but still cool, it would be really funny if Alex went to Japan and ppl started chasing her cause she resembled Angela LOL.

Farewell my old friend

23 Aug

Sorry I could go on for miles about this entry but I’m not. Earlier I got info that Babie was not doing so well and was being taken to the vet. At 9:45 tonight I get the call that Babie will be put down because the pain he was suffering was not getting any better and his old age had finally called its time. Babie I’m really gonna miss you, from raising you from a little puppy to the dog you are now, you were the best dog we ever owned, kind loyal, a pain in the ass sometimes but you were the best. Goodbye my good friend, Rest in peace.

Farewell Babie




23 Aug

Well this took a lot more time than you would think it would. We finally got a new fridge *yayyyyyyyyy* but just getting this fridge inside was a trip, first we got it in through front door, then as we were about the hit the kitchen we were totally cock blocked by the elusive counter. SOOOOO now he had to take the fridge through the side doors and through the back doors and finally we got it in the kitchen. Now this was just one of the problems we dealt with today. As we pulled out and started to clean up being where the old fridge was we found out that the wood at the bottom was rather flimsy and I taught it was basically cause of the leaking that the fridge cause then my dad had to call my uncle cause my dad was under the impression it was termites. Sooo as my uncle gets there he says its the water, but when he looks at the wood my dad pulled out he says it could have been termites *ugh just more problems getting stacked up* so they head to home-depo and got new wood borders and w/e that was needed to be done with there and its finally done. Alas its all set up and looks rather nice in its corner.

Check out my lovely Canada magnets, xD those are so old, well 2 of them are, the middle one is rather new but still, my fridge rocks the Canadian look HOLLA!

GAHHH I hate people like this

23 Aug

I dislike it when people cheat on their partner, could you just say “hey lets break up” inside of freaking breaking that person’s heart by sleeping with someone else while in commitment (not marriage i mean). Well this friend of mine, he got the girl of his dream engage with him. My mom and I were happy for him when he announced the engagement about two years ago. Now the guy is really nice of what i know, he’s the understandable type, he worked hard to get the girl her degree ( i mean he helped pay it and push her to get her BA in nursing). He tires to understand her by talking, whenever she has problems he chats with her about it. I mean sometimes he goes to my mother for advice seeing that she is a lady after all, so that he can understand his fiance better. Alright the wedding was announced a month ago was going to take place erm i think was somewhere towards December of this year.

Well it was a normal day as always, he calls his girl to see how she was at work. She picked up the phone saying she was at work and fine and they said their farewells and such. Except she didn’t end the call, she actually forgot to press the end button. The guy thinking she need to say something else before hanging up waited on the line.

In the background, you hear giggles and some rustling. Then hears her moan and then he hears the voice of his best friend, gawd the guy just listen the whole entire sex scene over the damn phone. The “best friend” aka douche bag was talking on how stupid my friend was to not tap his fiance ass like he does. WTF?!

The girl calls my friend a stupid dick for being too native and saying how stupid he is when it comes to relationship. Then they go at it again.

Well after he hung up he went over to my house, and just spilled out his guts ( not vomitting). I’ve seen anyone cry so hard before in my life, to calm down his angry i gave him my old desk so he can punch at it and break it since i was going to throw it away anyway. He just decimate it completely.

I’m just angry, on how this came out. That whore seriously >_> when i see her again i want to soo punch her! GAHHHH

Why would you do that?! WHY?! DAMN IT! Just say those magical words of ” break up” instead of ruining friendships and such. And what is more screwed up is that she has been sleeping with his best friend and at some point in time his boss from work for the past 4 years. WTF

>_> i hope karma bites her in the ass

BTW they have been together for 6 years ;_; damn this suxs

Eliza Dushku Gets Wet!! Zomg!!! <3

22 Aug


Eliza Dushku Plays Rubi Malone in the game Wet by Bethesda Softworks and Zomg ❤ its Awesome!!! O_O!


OMG!!!!!! ❤ it comes out September 15, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aion Fantasy MMOPRG game possible WoW killer

22 Aug

well step aside WoW cause this game can probably beat most of your achievement so far. Here comes Aion an MMORPG  unlike any other. You have nine classes, with a highly advance customizable character system, meaning your not stuck with one look you can choose several. The fighting system is unlike anything i’ve seen before, basically you can choose what attack combo you want to go on next , well erm its a bit complicated in explaining it but What i do know is that Aion is in its beta right now, i have played it a couple of time but because of school i had to let go of it a little. But i can tell you the experience of the game is fascinating, flying is not to get from one place to another but also can be use as a strategic weapon in battle. The armor customization is mind blowing, you can make it look however you want. Aion is extremely popular in Asia as of now. t Oh i forgot there is also the option of PvPvE. 😀  The game will be released soon the Western Hemisphere.


Explaination of Game 1

Explaination of Game 2

Basically Aion could be the next WoW killer 😀

WoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killerWoW killer

P.S. I know marc is going to like the assassins 😀

Fat Princess

22 Aug

I came across this game while searching for PS3 games . I’ll just post the trailer and review of the game. It is really interesting the game, being about to play with up to 32 players online 😀


IGN Review

About time xD

22 Aug

The good the bad the ugly -_-

Well I would like to say congrats to my brother for finally announcing that he will be engaged to his girlfriend for the past like couple of years. ( I think its about 5-6 years not pretty good amount of time) Woooo go bro!!! (His girlfriend is probably like FINALLY) He had a little get together last night to celebrate the announcement but sadly I wasn’t there. Why? Because around 5-6 My brother called and had asked me if I was doing anything today and didn’t really say what he was planning, but I was under the impression that I was going to be having a guest coming over. SO yea! I didn’t get to see/hear the announcement cause of that failure of that person. Thanks for wasting my time, and for making me miss something like that without calling me or leaving any type of message on facebook or MSN, don’t even try to blame my phone cause if u didn’t get through with my phone your were able to contact me through MSN just like how u said u would be coming over. Later 😛

Bones got up

21 Aug

Im into The Dead Weather now

8:47pm Marc

i dunno

that sounds pretty emo gay

8:47pm Bones

lol no

8:47pm Marc

the dead weather


that soo emo gay xD

8:48pm Bones

Its Jack White’s new band with that chick from The Kills

8:48pm Marc


8:48pm Bones

Best album I paid for in a while

8:48pm Marc


8:49pm Bones

yeah I just jack shit now days

8:49pm Marc


8:50pm Bones

I knew I was setting myself up


i should post this up

so everyone knows

8:51pm Bones

that would be very cool…

8:51pm Marc

lol ok then i will do it since i have ur approval now

8:52pm Bones

fuck no!! lol