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Eliza Dushku And Dollhouse DVD!!!

31 Jul

ED’s FHM mag pics


=]   also Dollhouse season 1 is on Dvd and on a scale 1-10 its a BUY IT NOW OR Zaflon will come to ur House while ur ZzZzz and ….just buy it =D


31 Jul

1 On the right
2 ハレルヤ
3 Philia
4 On the right -instrumental-
5 ハレルヤ -instrumental-

All I really have to say to this single is WOW. After listening to the single’s a-side on the PV, I was a bit skeptical on whether the single would be any good, but once listening to the physical single it was just firkin amazing!!! It was fresh yet embodied some really good feelings from their previous works. Even though they are still not well known yet they are bound to make it big if they keep up with these kinds of releases. Especially ハレルヤ(hallelujah) this song is amazing!!! its my favorite from the single, on the right is great too but ハレルヤ owns hands down. xD

Funny thing about this PV is that it gives me the idea is this is how Charlotte sees the world everyday, xD dunno why but it just gives me that impression.


28 Jul

Hmmm… captures from Price of Persia, very interesting.

*waits for Alex’s comments*

26 Jul


「Eternal Flame」Cover!

24 Jul

YAY the Album cover for Eternal Flame is out and it looks ever so good.=D Really simple but works very well ^^. Would have been cooler if the torch was in ice but sand works too I suppose xD.

LAWL! Wizard Duel!!!

16 Jul



16 Jul

xD Happy Happy B-Day Dad =D =D ^_^

Random Visitor

15 Jul

So as I was peacefully having a rage fest on my DS playing FFIII a random noise was being made near me, something like a screeching noise and I was going crazy trying to figure it out. I looked around my room for a while till it stopped, then I got back onto my bed and the noise started again, but this time I knew where it was coming from. I took a gander out my window and BAM! noise maker found. Its been a while since I had a visitor like this and it was kool cause before we had removed the tree in our front yard we used to see someone like this guy a lot.

Not everyday you can say you see this on your window, unless you live in a tropical place that’s crawling with these guys everywhere. What I liked about this guy was the shot I got with him, I was able to get pretty close to him but not to close as much as I used to like hunting lizards I didn’t want this guy to jump on me XD.

Yasumi =D

11 Jul

Yasumi con is today =D, and since I have my nice digi cam I can take pics =D better have some good cosplayers or I will QQ. Oh well TTYL =D

Awww man :'(

8 Jul

“Due to the increasing US border security and new travel visa processing delays we are unable to get approval for Do As Infinity to perform at AnimeFest. It is with regret that AnimeFest must announce the cancellation of our musical guest. AnimeFest would like to thank AVEX and Do As Infinity for their steady commitment and all of their efforts in trying to help make this event a reality”.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


There goes my b-day dream V_V… I feel for the folks on DAIforum and many others who already got a plane tickets and reserved rooms at the hotels to see them. This really sucks 😦