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Its here!!!

23 Jan

YAY! the dvd I ordered online is here (even though I really didn’t need to buy it online, but I did anyway cause that is how I roll <insert wacky ass gang sign>). So the dvd is Resident Evil Degeneration ^^ it may not be the best movie ever, but being a fan of the series it’s a  must own type of thing ^^.

But anyways YAY!!! its here, and the odd thing was it came yesterday but I didn’t get it till like 9pm when my dad stepped outside and saw this package on the chair. Whats odd is that I was home and was outside a couple of times and didn’t notice it there, so the only conclusion I can come up with is that the delivery man must have showed up when I was blasting some Gorillaz while cleaning up the house XD. *that delivery guy must have been like wtf is going on in this house* (hahahahahaha maybe I shoudnt really play my music to loud then I might be able to hear the doorbell ring once in a while XD)

Plus! this goes will with my movie poster of it ^^ ❤ ❤



OH! wha tis also funny on the DVD there are a few movie promos, some are just plain out retarded and its a no brainer why they went straight to DVD but WOW this one promo made me laugh so much. The title of the movie is “Zombie Strippers” and what the movie is about is basically zombie strippers. They arent zombies, they arent strippers but they are zombie strippers. Somehow they are still able to do backflips and dancing and stuff but man this has to be funny to watch.



23 Jan

Well I started to draw again, been a very long time since I last picked up a pencil and drew anything. How did this come about? hmmm… I was cleaning up and came across an old drawing and had the urge to finish it, now that its done I had to get the drawing urge out of my system.

Now since i started on this I remembered some thing i hated when i drew, I always screwed up bits and portions of almost everything and i hate it. I love to shade but when it comes to making it they way its supposed to be I fail. XD After a while I will get it right but i hate proportions hate it hate it hate it D=<

But other than that this is what I have so far, its no masterpiece but its just my weird art style that I have XD

I like to shade and do details but when it comes to the drawing part i suck badly at XD but I LOVE to shade XD its so much fun, anything that can get your fingers messy and covered in charcoal is great =D. Plus being left handed makes a lot of charcoal get on my hand cause when i draw i tend to rub my palm against the paper XD XD.