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Metropolis (film) 1927

21 Dec


Today i saw the silent science-fiction film called Metropolis

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it is set in a futuristic urban dystopia and examines a common science fiction theme of the day: the social crisis between workers and owners in capitalism. The film stars Alfred Abel as the leader of the city, Gustav Fröhlich as his son, who tries to mediate between the elite caste and the workers, Brigitte Helm as both the pure-at-heart worker Maria and the debased robot version of her, and Rudolf Klein-Rogge as the mad scientist who created the robot.

Even though the movie is old, i must say it is very compelling to watch. And some of the graphics amaze me.The movie is about 210 minutes long, its pretty long for a movies of its age because most of movies were about less than 90 minutes.


metropolis_prod_still (I think this picture is actress having a drink lol, but look at her robot costume, its soo cool 😀 )