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Wallet Vacancy

20 Dec

Well I am exhausted from shopping today, somehow shopping wears you out more than work I have no idea how but it does. I got everyone so far on my list done with shopping and I have like 1 or 2 more to get present for :3. Aftre the day is complete any moths who want to move into my wallet is very welcome too. My oh my, its filled with change in the change area but empty where the bills should be QQ. Anyways I enjoyed shopping for my family and friends XD I especially like one particular presnt A LOT XD it was awesome being able to make it XD, Paola loved it also she said that was her favorite present out of the bunch ^^. Well I am tired and getting ready for another outing, ^^ what a busy day indeed ^^


A chart

20 Dec

I found this article on Religion and Sexual ethics on the website

I just thought it was neat to see it although i find it a bit odd.

oh and i’m not sure how accurate this chart is, so don’t take this chart for the truth about these religions.

click on the picture to see the site were the chart is

Chart on Religion and Sexual Ethics

Chart on Religion and Sexual Ethics

soo people i would like to hear your opinions lol

Oh and my little brother is back from arizona! woot XD i’m so happy to see him back but he’ll be here until jan 4. XD