=O Van.

11 Dec

WOW! the new album is awesome!!! ok ok lets go thorugh this track by track

01 Flower

Ok, the album started great with Flower, and what even made this little track even more special they tuned it up a bit, now u can hear more drums!!

02 Utopia

Utopia is a new track and its quite a happy cheerful song. Its like one of those happy Jpop songs with flowers and bunnies popping out of no where XD. When the chorus kicks in you can hear how happy this song becomes LOL

03 manacles

manacles full version!!!! *drools* Since it was a TV-size since REIDEEN came out its been a tease till now!!! It becomes very epic when it comes toward the end when the music settles down and all you hear is Van’s sexy voice take over you ears and rapes it =D *ooo eargasm*

04 Brave

Brave is still the same Brave from the Flower single release, still a great song that shows how great Van’s vocals are.

05 yumeji

Yumeji is also the same as the single release. Would have been better to have an acoustic of this but the single version still rocks ^^.
06 carry out

WHAO!!!! THIS WAS A COMPLETE SMACK IN THE FACE! I knew I was going to love this song, but DAMN! this song just suprised the crap out of me! The track starts off a bit oriential with a type of Indian beat and BAM! it gets to you with the burst of music. Van’s voice changes into something technoish and its more of a fast pace song.
07 senkou

Senkou is still the same senkou, nothing needed ot be changed from it cause its epicly great as it is D: =D Gotta love the rocking senkou with Van singing in the rain being all emoish =D XD XD
08 message.

message. I love message. the song is so relaxing and what makes the track even more special its the song that Van composed =D ❤ ❤ XD yesh I am a dork BITE ME =D XD XD

09 Tokyo Biyori

This is also the same as the single release, really wished they made an acoustic version of this like when she performed it on Channel A, it would have been a great addition to the album.
10 Refrain

ARE YOU READY TO FLYY!!!!!!!!!! XD yes refrain is just great!! it starts of slow with a very claming tune. After the 1st verse goes and the chorus kicks in we get the great “are you ready to fly” XD its so great =D, once the chorus kicks in the songs speed goes up a notch and slowly goes back down to the calming tune to which its starts off with.
11 Van.

Van. is a great idea for the last track, especially since they placed this after refrain. Van. is the albums last track and its the only track on the album to be an instrumental. Van. makes a very calming instrumental here, you can picture yourself on a beach, the wind blowing through you hair and the sounds of the ocean waves in your ear. Its a great way to finish the album.

Not much of a reviewer type of person but overall this is a great album and a must needed album from Van. I can’t wait to get my copy =D CD+DVD FTW!!!

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