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chillness with the chill

8 Dec

well for starters winter is now truly officially here

when i came out this morning everything was somewhat frozen over plus my nostrils were freezing up, i haven’t felt like that in years

if ur not covered up you’ll definitely go from hot/warm to very cold in almost an instant

but this is not the reason for my post

atm am in an internet cafe, i finished work about an hour ago and the cafe was just about next to work so i checked it out, i had stuff to do anyway….but unfortunately as it turns out i 4got my book so all i have is my laptop…lol so im just doing w/e

my impression of an internet cafe is pretty cool and stuff, but i feel out of place

everyone here looks cool-ish and they look like they’re doing something important..

hey now that i think about it i do still have my scarf on…ooo a mirror lmao

i guess i kinda look cool too..a bit

but W/E!! the ppl here look chillin n’ stuff lol

there’s this girl with this french barret like hat she looks lie those jazz club girls that flick their fingers and do stand up poems

lmao there’s this one guy that looks like he’s that type of person that does cool graffiti all over but u cant ever catch him in that act lol

dam!!!….WTF!! this girl has 2 freaking laptops the girl with the barret thing lmao i thought one of them was like a sort of note thing but all this time ive been sitting here she had two freaking laptops dam my scarf aint got nothing on her now….

well u can 4get the coolness thing then pfft

all u need to remember of this post is when entering an internet cafe:

A. look important and cool

B. look like u have lots of money but ur not rich

C. and loo like ur doing something important


D. look like u just don’t freaking care

im gonna be doing option “D” right now