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Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest

4 Dec

ancient city

I was excited about this article because it talk about the cloud people tribe, also referred to as Chachapoyas (warriors of the cloud). Now I’m curious if this tribe is linked to my mother’s heritage of Indian background since her last name is Chachapoyas.

OKay, so archeologist have found an ancient city in the amazonian forest that is linked to the white-skinned cloud people of peru, although little is known from because they were wiped out by diease in the 16th century.

They were descirbed to have white skin and blond hair, something that puzzeld archeologist since most of the population subsiding in the area are dark skinned and also there is no knowledge of European ancestry in the region.

They were called the ‘Cloud people’ because they lived in a cloud-like mist deep in the forest. They use to command a vast empire across the parts of Peru’s northern Amazon jungle before being taken over by the Incas.

Ancient City discovered in Amazonian rainforest