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whateverness update

3 Dec

its been a while

i still miss u guys always, eventhough i was just there a couple of weeks ago…or was it last week?

bah i dont remember the thing is i gots stuff to say

first and formost i got accepted to the next semester so that is ubber kick ass

next is well all depending on if i can build up enough money by then which lately ive been in need of a lot for some reason theres always something that i need to freakin use ny money on and i cant save anything…

anyhow the thing is my cousins on my dads side are planning to go skying/snowboarding

and ive always wanted to go snowboarding, so if i can i will totally be there but i got a month or so to raise money for it i hope i can

i case ur wondering im at school as im writing this eventhogh the library closeed about half an hour ago i can still use the net in the cafeteria-ish place on the second floor so thats cool ill be using this more often to chat or so with u guys XD

umm i guess thats all i have as an update well that i can think of anyway

there is one thing that ive found well i knew from a long time ago but i was hoping thta they had improved but they didnt argh!!!

well apperently well in my general area-ish there is no borders or barns n nobles equivalents over here

so all their bookstores is mostly school type bookstores you wont find anything or it will be very hard to find other types of books and the way ive seen it and heard stuff like magazizes are seperated in like what u find in wallgreens and stuff like that

mangas i dont even remember cuz the last time i got one here was when i was buying my french dragon ball mangas and that was at wall mart

so for that SUX!!!

but anyway ill leave it at that tonight

take care everyone later