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FoW armor?

30 Nov

HMMMMM….. GRATS JAMEISE FOR GETTING FOW ARMOR!!! now should I waste time tyring to get it also… hmm… quite a predicament I have here…


Dear Jamesie

29 Nov

Don’t question my logic! 😛 but I will accept good compliments :3 thank you, have a good day :3, and as you are reading the last post, you will be told to refresh the page then you will be reading this and be like what the hell i just heard this in my head cause it just happened just like a few minutes ago and then I will laugh at you in the mic and then you will be like what the hell and then brandon may randomly show up ( this might not happen i am not a psychic) and yes you know you love when i type about artist. HA! hm… what else, oh yea Van > Aya cause she just is and you need to open a new tab in your browser and get the link that will be sent to you so you can begin the download, you liar saying you pc can’t multitask yet its doing it right now as your are reading this.

So this happened…

29 Nov

So I saw Twilight… and I liked it. Its nice, nothing bad, I can clearly see why its like a major fangirl, chick flick XD XD but it was nice. I did like that scene where they were playing baseball its was pretty interesting with a dash of music by Muse ^^ XD. ok other than that… It was OK, I can say it was better than Quantum of Solace thats for sure XD

On another note, I’m totally hooked on moumoon. BLAST THEM FOR BEING THE OPENING ACT!!! BAH! I can say I only heard of them for bing the opening act for the Do As Infinity Free Souls concert, and after that I got interested and now I’m hooked. BLAST YUKA AND HER GOOD VOICE D: tis so heavenly QQ. Its like listening to Sixpence none the rich but AWESOMER!!!! XD lol well yes, they had that DAI feel to them cause they have the Voal/Guitar thing liek DAI but they are jsut as unique as DAI XD

Then we have my 1st paycheck with my new job WOOT! TIME IS MONEY FRIEND XD XD now to spend it on gifts for X-mas QQ BLAST YOU X-MAS i cant dance with my money just yet XD XD or get me an inflatable pool, change my check in dollars and swim with it QQ BUT! one major thing that has to be done with that paycheck is to get Van’s new cd! THIS IS A MUST! D: XD XD then its time to go X-mas shopping. Now i have to plan on what I’m getting for these bambaling idiots err i mean my good pal friend who i love so much =D


27 Nov

Hello everyone and Happy Thanks Giving to you ^^, the blog hasn’t been as active but it will pick up! trust me D: D: *shakes fist*. Other than that, I hope everyone has a great Thanks Giving and get uber stuffed and pass out from the food and sleep for like a day to recover XD XD!!!

And So It Begins…

23 Nov
Making Christmas

..Making Christmas, Making Christmas..

>: )

How may I help you?

22 Nov

Well I’m at work right now and my shift is pretty much over and just waiting to get picked up. But my my this was a lot of fun, also before I go i must order something from the bar!!! XD nah but maybe before i go i get me a drink. But overall it was fun! the event was a wedding and there was over 100 people so it was a bit hectic, but everything went smoothly. As of right now the wedding is still going on and im kinda done/on my break gonna head back down after a while. But man the tables i got assigned to was great. the awsome table #12!!! woot LOL they had so much fun and they were the alcoholics!!! it was so funny, like literally after I told them I can get you anything from the bar I was their best friend lol and i got tipped to so it was nice!! (I’m not supposed to get tipped at all and if we do we have to report we did and when I did they told me to keep it cause they heard that they loved me LOL) sooo right now my feet are killing me and I think I need to get better comfy shoes, like these are perfectly fine but standing on them for this lenght of time isnt to good. Oh and man i broke a champagne glass! i was like DAMN!!!! I handled soo many at once but this one glass (i only had 2 off them on my tray) just had to wobble and fall. I was so pissed LOL (well not really) but then a co-worker dropped and broke like 4-5 so he won the break a glass tonight LOL.

Easy listening

13 Nov

YAY! moumoon’s 1st studio debut album is out and it rocks XD. After like 2 mini albums they finally got their 1st album out and I really like it XD. I would review it but me reviewing something would sound really retarded so I’m not going there LOL. Other than that so far the album rocks rocks rocks!!!! XD Man I am a dork… XD and I love it =D

P.S Jamesie Van>all!!!!!! MAUAHAHAHAHA, learn it, live it, Van it!

Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland

12 Nov

Johnny Depp is going to play as the mad hatter

Anne Hathaway will be taking the role as the White queen.

Matt Lucas (watch little Britian USA, lol in case you don’t know him), he will be playing both the roles of

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

This movie is going to be awesome because of the cast 😀

the storyline is going to be based on the actual book not the disney storyline, of what i heard of

Link to Alice in Wonderland Madness

and if you want to know more about the movie

go to the blog about Tim Burton Collective News

Oh and they have already begun filming 😀

Fact of the day!

11 Nov

Motivational Poster says it all.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

11 Nov

i don’t think there is anything else to say by just looking at the title 😀