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What Dreams May Come

29 Oct

Well i came upon this film just the other day and decided to watch it. Overall, I must say that this film is in its own category, it has an exquisite storyline that explains what love between individuals can transcend obstacles, also it has beautiful scenes of nature along with supreme acting from the characters. The music for the film is also excellent, the way it blends in with the scenery makes it so effective in bringing out emotions of the film itself. Offically this has become one of my favorite movies :D.



Married, “Christy” and Annie have a wonderful life together. However, tragedy strikes when their son and daughter are killed in a car accident. Blaming herself, Annie goes into a state of mental instability. Five years later, the couple has pulled themselves back together. After being killed in a car accident, Chris Nielsen (Williams) goes to an afterlife derived from his wife’s paintings. Despite the paradise he now inhabits he is unhappy without his wife Annie (Sciorra). When Annie commits suicide following Chris’ death she forms a reality of hell (due to her guilt of her children and husband’s death) as her afterlife. Adamant that they belong together, Chris commences a quest to rescue her, in the process discovering a number of characters from his past.

I sugesst that you peeps should take a look into this film, it has something that most film at this day and age do not have.

i give it a 10 out of 10

oh and here is the trailer