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I never knew you were such a “romantic”

19 Oct

XD XD corny title but I love it XD XD. Ok, this has to be one of the best songs my ears have heard this year. Romantic by Rie Fu is epic! I’m really flabbergasted by this song (hahaha I just used flabbergasted), I never thought she would do anything like this. The song itself is really nice and has like this upbeat dance beat to it, like I can say the only songs I ever heard completely by her was her Life is like a Boat single, and her Home single, but hearing this blew me away! Its even more epic cause the single is produced by Takahashi Taku from m-flo who are really great producers, who have worked with various artists like Namie Amuro, Utada Hikaru etc etc… I want this single to come out noww 😥

Rie Fu – romantic

Release Date – 2008.11.12

  1. romantic
  2. SUKI
  3. In the Airplane

DL – romantic PV Rip

DL – romantic PV