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Your my GINGER

18 Oct

MAN I’m addicted to this song QQ its so catchy XD XD GOO ANNA! XD even though its totally a promotion song for the ginger draft of Asahi beer its great. The PV for the song was release and it totally promotes the beer in the beginning then the PV gets laid back and its pretty cool ^^” really odd seeing these tough buff Japanese guys in it, but it worked i guess XD. The song is really short, but it could be longer on the album release but now we only have this PV off GINGER. XD what makes this song even cooler is that its all in English, I would say engrish but her English has gotten a lot better and you can really understand what she says unlike other artists XD. Wish we could get more MONKEY MAJIK in the song but overall its good as it is. ^^

Download – GINGER PV