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Another Edition

15 Oct

Basically, this is another PV of TABOO, it contains the same scenes and concept of the original PV but has some scenes that were not included in the original PV. SO aka we can say this is another pv but with more bathroom time Koda, cause we all know Koda Kumi and bathroom stall dancing is so totally in right now and its the hottest thing going on.

Anyways… to compare this with the original, hmmm its hard to say, the “another edition” goes straight to the smut, but the original wreak of more sluttyness.  I cant decide XD OH WELL!

Download – Koda Kumi – TABOO ~Another Edition~ PV

Note – TABOO PV has been changed to the same quality as this, and now has no watermarks. Click here to head to it.