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Something to watch…

7 Oct

So with the end of Code Geass I only had Naruto and Bleach to watch, which makes me look like a total tard cause its the only two things I’ve been keeping up with for this long. Oh how i want to watch Nabari no Ou (well I do but the raws of it QQ) and a new season of XXXHOLiC, but… that isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. So I decided to make a choice for a new show to watch and I’m impressed by what I chose.

Toradora is the name and I like it XD. Its a comedy, romance anime and it kind of reminds me of Karin and I really liked Karin so that was an automatic plus on me watching this show.

Takasu Ryuuji

The show is about (wow when I look at it, this show really is like Karin but no vampire stuff, and if u just add orange spiky hair he would look like Usui-kun) Takasu Ryuuji, a young guy who was born with an awkward set of eyes that make him look like he is pissed off all the time. When people bump into him, they automatically panic thinking he will do something to hurt them, even his teacher goes a little crazy thinking he will hurt her if things doesn’t go his way. When actually he is a very kinda person, but he is judged upon the way his face looks.

Asaka Taiga

Then there is Asaka Taiga, who is a very tempered young girl, and lives up to her nickname “Palmtop Tiger”. She earned this name cause she is very short and she gets angered pretty easily. She comes from a rich family but due to bad family relations, she has taken to living on her own. Living on her own she never grasped the concept of household chores so she ended having Ryuuji clean up after her, doing household chores for her, cooking, the works.

Palmtop Tiger

Overall from just form seeing episode one, I really like this show. There is a lot of funny moments, I can smell romance later on and its just what i needed from all those action, ninja, robot, shinigami stuff that I’ve been watching. If you want to pick this show up GG subs is the subber that I know so far thats subbing it, and releasing it in mkv format. you can grab episode one at GG subs. Click Me =D (ps its a torrent :3)


TABOONESS ver.4 The Single

7 Oct

The single is out yay! TABOO in 320kbps YAY so yea um short post… *crickets* uhhh… *tumbleweed rolls by*

Download – TABOO Single

(track 1, 2 320kbps track 3,4,5 256kbps)