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Van. Update =D

3 Oct

Man this album tracklist just keeps getting better. A pal at DAIforum confirmed that manacles full version WILL! be on the album and so will brave WOOT!!! and possibly a bonus track of ACOUSTIC Tokyo Biyori!!!! =D =D XD awesome XD. The info of the tracklist was given out with those awesome Do As Infinity Bags for those who were at the live concert *_* i want a baggggggg D:

so as of now this is the tracklist for Van.

●閃光 (Senkou)
●夢路 (Yumeji)
●東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori)

7 tracks down XD excellent =D


Nintendo DSi Revealed

3 Oct

Rumours had been making their way around the internet this week about an upcoming DS announcement from Nintendo. With today’s Tokyo conference Nintendo put to rest all rumours by unveiling the Nintendo DSi. For those a little curious as to why the “i” is included, it’s simply because the DS now has an eye….. or what I like to call, a “camera”.

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