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Do As Infinity – Free Live

30 Sep

Ok im finally done editing all the pictures I took from the live, and by the way the live was FRIKIN AWESOME!!!!!!! its was soo cool!!! It must have been such a rush to be in that crowd during that live, man! I wish I could have been there, but I kinda was so to speak in the comfort of my own home XD XD. Also the opening act was great the band Moumoon was the perfect choice for an opening act, and they sound pretty nice too that I might pick up something from them. Well then let me leave you with some screen captures and if you like, you can download all 140+ captures i took of the live.

OH! and here is what was performed.

new world
tooku made
hi no ataru sakamichi
fukai mori
Yesterday & Today
Honjitsu wa seiten nari
boukensha tachi
Summer Days

ai no uta

(screen caps go in that order somewhat, normally when colors change so did the songs, I would have named the files by the songs but there is over 100+ files and it was at 6-7am and i haven’t slept yet)

Download – Free Live Screen Caps


Fan Choice/Message

29 Sep

Totally awesome, on the official Do As Infinity site they are currently having a survey to allow “US FANS” choose what song they should perform live. If you want to take part of the survey head here ^^

Take Survey

For those who can’t understand a word there, (lol guilty i can’t read Japanese, at all, well little words here and there but I fail XD) my good ol “fields buddy” made a nice little translation.

Lets hope fans don’t overfill this survey with Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari, Summer Days or any song they sing at every live QQ, choose variety!!! XD I chose  夜鷹の夢(Yotaka no Yume *The Dream of Night Hawks) for simple reasons.

1. They only performed it once.

2. It’s my favorite Do As Infinity song :3

Also they put up a video ^^ =D


29 Sep


Final Turn or Final Turn?

29 Sep

So with that said Code Geass is finally over. or is it? it draws this question with the while question about Geass itself.

(SO this post will be a read more type post, if you want to read what I’m about to type click away, if not don’t look at all)

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Is Wachovia next?

27 Sep

Wachovia is looking for a merger parnter, which is also an exact copy of what Wamu was doing before it went down.

Wachovia hunts for a merger partner

Wow, its actually good.

26 Sep

As the title says, I was amazed when I heard this song. Can’t really think of any other way to put this but wow. Womanizer Britney’s new single is pretty darn good, pretty catchy I must say so myself. Like I can admit i did like some song from her Blackout album and this single is pretty darn good also. Well if you want to take a listen to it here you go.

Download – Womanizer 320kbps

I am also mad as well, because mainly i don’t understand what is going on.

26 Sep

The senator of Ohio voices my concerns clearly..

Ron Paul: Greenspan, Bernanke Should be Criminally Charged.

Ron Paul wants to criminally charge Greenspan and Bernanke because of their actions our liberties and money has been given up.  He says the bailout is like the beginning of dictatorship, which from what i am seeing is true at this point because according to the article it stated that the Army Times “report concerning the use of active duty military being brought back from Iraq for “Homeland patrols” and “crowd control,”” which means that possibly it could be a martial law instated in the states which will cause people to revolt and cause mayhem.

Using the name Sarah Palin for fund raising.

Several people have used the name Sarah Palin in order to donate to Planned Parenthood, as of right now the group has received a donation of $760 K in donations, within in each donation Mrs. Palin will receive a lovely care saying how much the donation to the organization was appreciated. Hahaha, people are becoming more creative this time.  This is a protest against Palin, but wow what way to do it.


McCain cancels appearance on David Letterman show

25 Sep

In the current news, John McCain canceled an appearance on the David Letterman’s show, saying that he was going to Washington to save the economy………hmmmmmmm? oh wait why is he on another talk show instead wasn’t he going to the airport? Is this how McCain is going to save the economy?

Current Article

Time To Celebrate

25 Sep

Well since the 29th is drawing closer and closer every minute and every hour I decided to celebrate a little earlier as planned. If by some chance you do not know what is happening on the 29th of this month then let me fill you in, my favorite band is officially reuniting on their reunion/seperation date/anniversary, and they are Do As Infinity.

A lot of things are planned for them in the upcoming months and I’m gonna be posting a lot about them here XD (Live with it Alex D: ❤ you) which are mostly live performances, and tv appereances for Van with her upcoming album and apperence on Tsuchiya’s single. Overall lets (I know I will be) celebrate with a DAI banner as we countdown the reunion ^^

Citizens Dumping Personal Junk on Wall Street in protest

25 Sep

I was surfing though the current website and I saw this article that describe how people were dumping their garage in front of golden statue of a bull in front of wall street in protest of the bail out.  I think this is an excellent protest because it voices out the people’s concerns and frustrating on the issues, putting trash in front of the statue says that the garbage that is there is worth more than the bill the government will be passing though.

Dumping Junk On Wall Street.