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A simple quote

31 Aug

Its funny how a simple quote from someone can evoke such thoughts about the world around us

Hatred, which could destroy so much, never failed to destroy the man who hated, and this was an immutable law.
James A. Baldwin

It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.
James A. Baldwin

It makes me wonder to whom i can apply this law to so many in this world, especially those in the top.

But other than that 😀 I’m soo happy that Do As Infinity is back together woot!! <3!!!

DAI MANIA part 2

31 Aug

^^ 2 more pics and a bigger profile pic WOOT!

Man they look happy to be back XD and so is everyone elses XD, and also Do as Infinity is #1at


30 Aug

Its only been about 1 day so far and its been an insane day indeed. ^^

The DAI website has a new Profile pic and its loverly WOOT!

Profile Pic

Profile Pic

AND ALSO thanks to ANNA from DAI Forums some pics from A-Nation concert. ^^

Be afraid of DAI MANIA!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Do As Infinity REUNITED!!!!

30 Aug

September 29, 2008 is the day of the re-formation, and it starts again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Official Do As Infinity website has been updated and there was this nice new update on the site.


Do As Infinty

Do As Infinty

Do As Infinityは再結成します2005年の秋、Do As Infinityは6年間の活動にピリオドを打ち解散しました。


「もう一度Do As Infinityの音楽をやりたい。」

離れて初めてDo As Infinityの全体の形が見えた気がします。




Do As Infinity
メンバー & スタッフ一同

Basicaly what this says is that the band is reformed. The members of the band went on their own was and was busy during the years doing thir own stuff. It was around this spring that the staff and members met up again. Adter talking it over they came to the conclusion “We would like to do the music of Do As Infinity once more.” Its scheduled that the band will be reformed at the 29th in september and there will be a free live on the 30th. Cant understand this one part something about the work is though and it to be released in spring.


A-nation (August 30th & 31th) will be on tv (WOWOW) on September 27th!!!!


Dennis Kucinich and Impeachment of Bush

29 Aug

oh and 😀 i love Dennis Kucinich! At least he is saying what is true 😀

OMG why?!!! why didn’t they impeach the president!!! Dennis Kucinich got no support, Pelosi we voted you to  represent justice damn it!

I’m starting to get feeling that almost all of congress is corrupted.

another cold war Talk and Dennis Kucinich

29 Aug

Yes i know guys, no more depressing news on international problems but it is something important that i think people should at least look into. If you don’t want to then don’t, but i least i get to write about it.


As someone studying and trying to understand the concept behind international relations, i think people should shed light on this subject more. I am surprise that CNN or any other US news isn’t even covering this to an extent. BBC has put up an article that has caught my attention and it is a real nightmare because it feels like we are going to relive the 1960s cold war again but instead of Kennedy well will have (hopefully) Obama as president.

Russia’s progranda war

this quote is what scared me the most (quote taken from the BBC article)

President Dmitry Medvedev, who came to office with overtures to the West, now warns of a “crushing response” to any other country that threatens the lives or dignity of Russian nationals. He is “not afraid of a new Cold War”, he adds.

and He really is serious by doing this but i could be wrong maybe he is doing this in response to the missle base in Poland being built by the US (great timing Bush admin >_> )

Russia warhead missile

Tensions are running high over the conflict in which Georgia and Russia started, which i think Georgia starting it first with firing missiles into South Ossetia.  And with Georgia to sever diplomatic ties with Russia, they are deeping the conflict. Way to go President Mikhail Saakashvili you are screwing us all little by little and with Bush supporting you this is just spelling disaster. Plus since Russia does have oil they can cut the West from supplies ( i mean Europe) in which would cause our prices to shoot through the roof sort to say.

Eliza Dushku!!! in Saints Row 2!!!!! O_O!!

28 Aug

Eliza Dushku will be playing as “Shaundi” a lieutenant for the 3rd Street Saints in the upcoming game Saints Row 2!!!!!!! :O!!!!

Eliza ^_^

Eliza ^_^

And!!! ZOMG!!! NEWW OMG HAWTNESSBBQ Pictures!!! of ELIZA DUSHKU!!!!!!! Pew Pew!!!



28 Aug

Ahem, i must brace myself for this.

So it’s been all but confirmed that DAI will indeed reunite, but just for a one-time show at avex’s 20th anniversary!!!!!

A post from Jun Takase’s bbs (keyboard)

Do as infinity will reunite. I’ve been a support member from the debut till the breakup and being able to play with them again makes me so happy! for now on the 30th august, there will be a performance on a-nation. recently, we’ve done a lot of rehearsals,.. afterall it’s been 3 years since the last one.
my back hurts. first of all, i need some rest to my body ,,, . from now on … I hope more invitations for performing

Could this be a fast one they could pull since September is nearing up? who knows… but they are together once again for a performance!!!

AND MORE! two days ago there is an interesting message on a DAI fan’s bbs

Basically, the author says he ran into Michitaro the other day and asked him if he keeps in touch with Tomiko, to which he says often (*kinda hard to tell, the word ちょくちょくcan mean both often or occasionally. Since his answer seems very “positive”, I’d say it means often in this context) Then, the author asks him if he should expect anything from Tomiko soon, to which Michitaro says “You can expect a lot from Ban-chan next year!” And he says this with a kind of “knowing” smile, like he knows something is up. At the time, the author thought it might have something to do with Tomiko putting on a solo tour next year, but with all this rumbling of a Do As reunion, he’s not so sure what Michitaro was hinting at anymore.

Mail box hit

27 Aug

I came right after my classes from the university to find this in front of my lawn

I thought it was funny seeing this because i don’t know how it broke like that. To top it off my little brother told me it was the mailman who drove into it and the nice thing was that he left the mail inside the box too lol how considerate, lol. Well i guess its about time to get a new mail box anyway.

Wife blasted for Edwards affair secret

26 Aug

Article on CNN

I know that the whole situation about the secret affair about John Edwards and another women has shocked a lot of people in the USA but to criticize the wife of John Edwards for keeping the affair she knew secret is just stupid really. I’m angered and frustrated by the whole thing mainly because they are blaming Elizabeth Edwards on the whole thing. I mean WTF is wrong with every one seriously?  The women is fighting a cancer and lost a son to cancer, and I’m sure enough that she has lot of other problems which would not be easy to solve because of the stress of having cancer and so it is reasonable enough for Mrs. Edwards to suggest a personal privacy over a family issue. Secret affairs has always been common in the White House even though most don’t make it on the media, and plus that everyone outside the white house (meaning the general population) have affairs also what difference does it make?  Secret affairs never interfered with Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis.

And I’m especially ashamed of the Democrats who even had the nerve to criticize her! Its not your problem! This is personal matter and that is final it has nothing to do with politics. You know instead of concentrating on someone else life why not concentrate on something more important that would actually help people for a change, ne? The people who criticized Elizabeth Edwards for keeping the affair secret are twisted and sick individuals. Where are the morals people so constantly bragged about?

Because of this stupid nonsense i’m hearing from both republicans and democrats, i’m changing my party affiliation to independent and if things keep being this ridiculus i will be voting independent also! Go Ralph Nader 08!