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File Bunnies

23 Jul

Ever get really bored one day and have nothing to do at all? well that hit me yesterday… so this is what i did, i began organizing everything on my pc to its finest detail (well not every bit of detail but the main one it needs, im not that crazy now). When cleaning things up on my pc I was really shocked and amazed of how much crap, junk, unwanted things that were just sitting there taking up space like little dust bunnies filling up space in an area you never go to anymore. Heck just clearing up my music folder made a nice free 2 gigs off space on my pc, I was like wow 2 gigs! that’s not THAT much but still 2 gigs of crap that have just been sitting there having tea with the other useless junk on here. So after looking into my music folder i began to browse around on my other folders, looking for things that i have saved up that will never see the light on my monitor screen and boy it surprises me how many tea parties that were going around.

Unwanted pics (Wanted saw that last night very nice movie check it out ;D ), videos, anime that i assume will never watch anytime soon ( gotta burn it  on DVDR though can’t delete anime its like just not moral), HECK even a few games. Well there is Phantasy Star Universe i have 2 Phantasy Stars installed on my pc, ver1 and ver2, I play ver 2 but Ver1 is just there taking up like a couple gigs of space, Oblivion i need to finish (sorry Josh its hard to play oblivion on my pc it makes me cry 😥 ) and Ski Free. Well i can’t get rid of ski free cause that game is just ballin and you can never finish it cause of that monster that comes and eats you and DAMMIT THAT BASTARD IS SO FUSTRATING TO GET BY ok ok back to normal.

Ok if i keep going on its just going to be countless babbling, so the whole point is this, if you are ever COMPLELTY BORED OUT OF YOU SANE MIND and want something to do, go have some tea with the “file bunnies” and see how much space you can clear up.