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19 Jul


i went to see batman last night, that movie was the shit!!!!

sorry fo me language but damn that movie kicked ass

and Heath Ledger (not Keith, silly Kevens) (god bless his soul) best performance fo sho and definatly best villain awards by my standards

if u havent seen this movie, find a way to see it its a not to be missed or die type movie

ok maybe im going a lil extremist there but its a realllllllllly good movie

and btw how is everyone doing?

Pokemon Platinum <333

19 Jul
Okay So my guess was wrong… It’s not going to be called Pokemon Opal, but instead Pokemon Platinum. Eitherway I was right about the main storyline Pokemon being Giratina, what I didnt know was that much like Deoxys, Giratina’s got abit of a… darker side?
Pokemon Platinum Box Art

Pokemon Platinum Box Art

Apparently like Deoxys had his Attack/Defense/Speed forms, Giratina is going to have it’s Normal/Origin Form (apparently where it’s more ghost/creepy like as in it looses his legs and pulls Kerrigan-like dark scary-looking spears from it back. Continue reading