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Eliza Dushku! At Fox All-Star Party At the Pier

16 Jul

OMG!!!!!!!! ELIZA DUSHKU!!! JUST LOOK AT HER ZOMG!!!! ::drools:: O_O!!!!!!!!!

^_________^ Sooooo Awesome!!!!!!!!! Pew Pew ❤

Namie Amuro – Do Me More PV

16 Jul

Well well it seems there was two things with Do me more. The CM and the PV are two completely different things. The CM is just for Vidal and the PV is just stand alone and nothing to do with Vidal, which kinda sucks cause the CM version is like way better XD. Well then, other than that I give you Do Me More PV (crazy Namie fans just for you) (really wish the CM was the PV)

Download – Do me more PV

I really feel bad for this PV cause its kinda dull seesing what shes done before from Sexy girl, the whole 60s70s80s single its just bleh.

OK… I had to do this…the PV made me do it…

Weeds Episode 5

16 Jul

MAN! I love my potmama XD lol but really DAMN! just love this show, XD XD I really want to see episode 6, the way how episode 5 ended was unfair! you would think things quiet down but nooooo they just come right back XD its soo good.

Infiltration Successful

16 Jul

MWhahahaha its Felix. I have finally to decide to blog my ideas. So this will be the greatest idea written or lower the IQ of everyone who reads it.

One thing i found very intresting is Volvos new green car

It get 160mpg!!!!!. The cool thing i found about this particular hybrid is it has no transmission. Which mean you don’t have to worry about the loss of power from the engine to tires. Another unique feature of this car are it individual motors. two of the motors run completely on batter power for 100 miles before switching to gas motors which recharges the battery in 30 minutes. So you’ll be saving a ton of mula while driving this very green vehicle. Sad thing is it won’t be on the market till 2015. I’ll keep you update on anything new in the tech world. Signing off…