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Pot mama is back!

12 Jul

Gather the children and the family and sit down and watch thew new season of Weeds ^^. (well not the children but the posse) So far there are 4 episodes, and I currently only saw 3 😥 need episode 5 *sniffle* but yes the season starts right into business where season 3 left off with that lil cliffhanger with the fire.

Short Order

12 Jul

If you can mix food with crazy people’s problem then you get the comdey movie called ‘Short Order’. An example is Fiona, who has an extremely vivid imagantion and  every life problem she has becomes a musical of some sort, oh and she’s an expectional chef too, the problem is that she has trouble having the passion for it. Their is also a man called Bill Dogder who apparenlty like the last name says eats food and dodges the pay thus causes the downfall of many resturants worldwide, and after his behind is Paulo the man who tries to capture the destructor. Their is catherine who is a delievery girl but has unusual obessions of taking photos of the people she delievered food to. Overall this movie is really awesome in my opinion, although it does have a lot of sexual hints in it but it makes it all the funnier to watch.

the DVD comes out on July 15, 2008 yay!


How would you capture a cow’s fart?

12 Jul

an interesting question with an interesting answer.

According to, scientist have invented a plastic backpack that will be able to trap a cow’s natural release of methane gas. They are trying this in order to combat global warming, currently they are doing this experiment in Argentina, considering the fact that the cows gassy release contribute up to 30% of the greenhouse emissions

Capturing of cow’s greenhouse emissions