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jazz festival la montreal :D

28 Jun

well last night my mom and i went to the jazz festival in montreal, they have it every year and its pretty cool, this year its running from the 26th till the 6th of july.

its mostly canadian’s but most of the time there’s appearance’s from other groups or people.

we went late last night so we only stayed for a couple hours but it was nice, theres always alot of people at these things lol.

well i’m here…

26 Jun

so i’m in canada, i’ve been missing everyone for every second that i’ve been here and it doesnt help that things are moving slow here

all i’ve done since ive been here is deal with more storage crap and i saw the hulk, thats it

i feel like i’m in some sort of trapped zone or something…

i dunno what to do, actually i dont feel like doing anything either..


23 Jun

Kevens you are a great friend, and you will truly be missed. The times you have had in our lifes, in my life, and everyone that you have been with will never be missed. I wish you the very best in you new home in Canada and we will always keep in touch, it is just a goodbye for now but we will see each other again you bet on it! Good luck Kevens, stay cool, stay strong, wish you the best of luck!

Moving War

22 Jun

When u just get one of those neighbors that think they are all that XD

Moving in

22 Jun

This is what happens when Coldplay’s Viva La Vida moves in with the other cds.

What a day

22 Jun

Well today started off quite well for starters it wasnt raining so woot. Throughout the morning for he last days with Kevens we started watching Once upon a Time in Mexico and then began prepping for the beach. The original plan was to head to South Beach but then we ended up at Key Largo at this rather interesting park. What exactly could be said about this park? well its actually quite interesting place, u can swim, fish, snorkle, scuba dive and a lot more. Even though I just relaxe din the water most of the time it was still great XD (especially cracking jokes on Bones)

After the Beach thingy we headed back home and i picked up a little thing for me at Avalon and i love it sooo much XD XD Leviathan my favorite summon and its in its best design too from VIII!!!! SCORE!

With all that said and done, we all got ready to head out once again to catch Get Smart and that movie was totally worth it so many laughs in so little time ( 2 hour film but hella good). Pretty much all i have to say is if u want a good laugh check this movie out its a killer, awesome action, great comedy and the whole shabang!


21 Jun

Van’s new song message = ❤ that is all

Bush decides to call off ban to enable for offshore drilling

19 Jun

OKay i know the gas prices are rising a lot these days and that our dependence on foreign oil is the main cost of it but drilling for the reserve oil is not the answer. Our president needs to find alternative energy sources to feed out hungry nation and lifting this ban is not the answer. But this is my ranting because I’m worried about the wild life in around the areas where the oil reserve exist in plus it going to delay the research on alternative energy its like killing the electric car all over again.


18 Jun

i finish reading the last chapter of the inuyasha manga, i have to one thing…. what the hell!! all that suspense for that one simple wish?! I mean i could have wish that right off the bat it isn’t that hard but taking so many chapters just for Kagome to think about that wow , such a simple task.

And omg sango had three children with the perverted priest! lol

Van Blogs =D

18 Jun

Excuse me while I pull a kiyoshi moment…


Ahem dunno what got over me.

So much happening this week Coldplays album and Van’s new single its insane XD, onward to the point. Van blogged recently about her time with BayFM in Kashiwa, she said in her blog that when she was batting it seems she hurt herself and she is blue (awww 😥 ) and her score was 110. With all the fun on Lady’s Day she was able to answer some fanmail on the radio show that was having this little day out. XD thats pretty much it XD