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Eliza Going Green!!! XD

20 May

….yea XD ..took me 2mins lol! ❤

Going Green with Style!

20 May

i was reading an article from the EcoGeek website and i came upon this picture

yes i know kiyoshii, you would like to see Eliza Dushku wearing this, just imagine her face on it …lol

but anyways i thought it was hilarious but also pretty neat at the same time, although many people see it silly, i think it is at least a start in whatever direction possible to be more efficient in creating energy or in enhancing technology in some way that might give other people ideas to invent something more useful.

Here is the EcoGeek article Solar Powered Bra (Why is Japan so Weird?

and the picture came from this site that also explains about the bra Solar Brasserie from Japan

Go SOLAR BRAS!!! FEEL THE POWER OF THE SUN!! (while supplies last)

now people have an excuse to get a tan..