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『東京日和』/『Prisoner Of Love』 PV’s

19 May

YAY THE PVs ARE OUT!!!!!, what a way to end a weekend with both PV’s coming out ^^

東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori) is a happy song and I like it, some don’t but thats to bad for them HAHAHAHAHAHAHA haters XD XD JK but yes the song is out and its good ^^ The video features Van walking around the streets of Tokyo just being a regular person listening to an Ipod it would seem ^^ XD its pretty simple, almost like Namie’s Baby Don’t Cry PV

DL – 東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori) (request for upload)

DL – 東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori) (request for upload)

Prisoner of Love PV is quite different, it features Utada in a studio working on the Prisoner of Love song in the different steps it takes to make a song. It seems after Keep Tryin’/Flavor of Life her PVs seem to lack a lot of creativity (well just my point on view on it) Heart Station PV was ok but it was just boring in a way, and now this with her in a big studio room, their just bland.

DL – Prisoner of Love PV (request for upload)

Overall both PV’s are pretty simple, but i have to say Van’s PV > Utada’s. One cause its not just in one room and two cause Zaflon is in the PV LAWL XD (inside joke)

Thanks to those at Jpopsuki for upload of the PV’s

Code Geass R2 – Episode – 07

19 May

Code Geass R2 episode7 is out =D

Sub group GG

Dl – Episode 07 Torrent