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New New FINALLY NEW! Tokyo Biyori (東京日和; Tokyo Weather)

14 May
Release Date – 2008.5.12


Tokyo Biyori is the fourth solo single from Van Tomiko. It is Van’s first single in over a year and a half. The title track is composed by Van and one by Zaitsu Kazuo of the popular J-pop band TULIP. The second track, message. is Van’s first composition. The third track, Hum and Tune, is a cover of a song by ORIGINAL LOVE.

【CD収録 】
1. 東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori, Tokyo Weather)
3. Hum a Tune
4. 東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori, Tokyo Weather) (instrumental)
5. message. (instrumental)

【DVD収録】東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori, Tokyo Weather) (MUSIC CLIP)

YAY a new single and it has an original song in it. *YAY CHEERS* there is a cover song still, but THERE IS AN ORIGINAL SONG YAY