Medium Rant and Last friends :D

13 May

Okay this is a somewhat medium size rant >_<

O’kay i haven’t really heard about this before but my mother sent me a power point presentation about some “textbook” actually having some picture that says the united states and UN controls the amazon rain forest (something close to it). Yeah…. first of all the grammar is horribly wrong in the picture they show and second I am freaking sick and tired of people creating hoax to make more anti- US sentiments.. You know i do have a damn board understanding of the world and i know that my country is not prefect but nor is yours so don’t throw dirt on us in order to glorifies yours and not everyone who lives in the US thinks like our government tends to think. Furthermore what is more saddening is that people believe the email is true (my mother was one of them). OMG they don’t have the time to research if this is true or not, they just take it as it is! I’m really wondering who are the gullible ones here.

okay so this blog where there is more info

blog page

and here is another website linking to the UNINFO about the subject

Besides that Short Review on Japanese Drama Series “Last Friends” ( don’t read if you don’t want spoilers, if their are any)












DAMN YOU SOSUKE!!!!! >_> the Michiru-Sosuke relationship thing is getting over played because she kept on going back to him and got some more DV ( domestic Violence). I dislike the fact that Michiru thought herself as a coward but at least she is beginning to gain strength to believe in herself but she needs to get away from sosuke as soon as possible.

Also i didn’t expect Ruka to make a 180 turn on Takeru after Michiru left to go back to Sosuke ( who was going to commit suicide). Ruka just snapped at Takeru saying : “don’t touch me!”, i was surprise because earlier in the episode she said she feels comfortable only with Takeru but i suppose it is understandable why she reacted like that because of Michiru.

Eri got sad because cowardly Ogurin went back to his cheating wife ( it seems because he was going to give her the divorce papers and somehow he had to spend the night? ) and because he still loves her. So in turn Eri kissed and try to get it on with Takeru but knowing takeru has the phobia he reject her, so Eri assume that takeru is gay in which he accept her thought of him. I admire Eri in this episode because it goes to show that even the cheerful people have serious problems but they tend to mask it so well, because in the terms of Michiru and Ruka who somewhat openly present their emotions, Eri on the other hand reminds happy even though the situation would get tough. We saw a look into her problem of solitude and how she finds some sort of warmth by sleeping with guys ( too temporary take away the loneliness I assume).

Next episode shown on the preview it has Michru wearing an eye-patch , I’m curious to see exactly what Sosuke did to her and if she will finally go away from him, plus Sosuke goes even more crazy.

Sosuke commiting suicide (not!)


Ruka being a bit possessive to Michiru about the phone.

okay in the d-addicts forums this picture was place up

mysterious cups of doom!!

and the members were mentioning how three cups have the key symbol outside and the other two have the key symbol inside. I’m kinda wondering if the symbol and the way they cups are drawn ( as in the houses and background) has anything to do with the future of the characters in the series? Either way the show is getting really good and to find out the meaning behind the cups i guess i have to continue watching the show and hope nothing bad happens to the main characters (but i want Sosuke to be out of the picture!)

for reference:

Ruka = purple cup ( with the house and smoke)

Michiru= Pink cup ( with sunny day!)

Takeru= light blue ( with clouds and it was also broken before the handle part)

Eri = has the orange cup

Ogurin = is the green cup

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