YAY! freedom for now lol

7 May

Woot i graduated and got into FIU

I feel a bit free now, now i have more time to do things around my house

but work is boring can’t wait until i can get into vacation time.

More free time also = Guild Wars Time woot!

Speed Racer

Also on May 9th Speed Racer is coming out in theaters!!

I totally used to watch the show in the mornings before i went to school, brings back memories

although the movie seems a bit odd to me because its all flashy and such but i can’t judge it until i watch it.


As for the japanese drama “Last Friends”, wow it is getting good can’t wait for episode 5.

But as for now my favorite characters and my opinion of them are as follows:

Takigawa Eri- lol she always brings a laugh to the series ( totally like marc in this pic ). She is played by Mizukawa Asami who also was in the drama series Nodame Cantabile (lol). I got to say she does have skills because she always manage to bring laughter in the series, especially the karaoke part in episode 2 lol ( never forget that). Eri’s theme is solitude, so later on in the series I imagine that she will eventually if not already fall in love with Ogura Tomohiko and he will leave her for his stupid cheating wife

Mizushima Takeru- aside from his other awesome roles in drama series such as Nodame Cantabile, the actor known as Eita ( i don’t know his last name?) who is currently playing as Takeru is doing a superb job in bring his character out, he is like a beckon of hope to ruka and the others even if he has his own crazy problems. Plus he acts like a housewife sometimes lol which i find adorable because ….. .. er well I don’t know why i see it that way. Takeru is a strong person because he has feeling for Ruka but understands that she will always have feeling for Michiru. So, while Ruka will always protect Michiru, Takeru has sworn to always protect Ruka. Aww but who will protect Takeru?

Kishimoto Ruka- who is played by Ueno Juri who also was in the drama series Nodame Cantabile. Ruka hides her feelings Michiru and intends on protecting her like a knight in shining armor ( well motocross suit to be exact). She represents the free spirited person in the group because she goes after her dreams so determined but at the same time she has many conflicts but has the resolved to confront them with her own strength and no one else’s. She also kicks people’s butt quite literally if you see the first episode and she does not take crap from no one.

And here is a correlation Chart from Drama Wiki about the characters

Correlation Chart-Last Friends

2 Responses to “YAY! freedom for now lol”

  1. frozenbreak May 7, 2008 at 3:45 am #

    u gotta throw a part =D

    im iffy on the speed race movie it doesn’t have the Speed Racer feel to it.

  2. Kiyoshi May 7, 2008 at 1:30 pm #

    Woot!! Speed Racer May 9

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