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6 May

I know im late I keep forgetting to make this post but I finally remembered XXXHOLiC is back and its loverly.

Thanks Shinsen Subs, they got it covered again ❤ ❤

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Episode 2 mp4
Episode 3 mp4
Episode 4 mp4
Episode 5 mp4


Heat Island & Iron Man

6 May

OKIE DOKIE lets begin with Heat Island shall we?

Heat Island what exactly to say about this flick… I myself enjoyed it. Heat Island” ( ヒートアイランド) is based on a crime thriller book written by Kakine Ryuosuke. The story is about a street gangster (Yu Shirota who plays Aki ) who runs around Shibuya causing trouble. Within Aki’s crew, a member seeks payback on a man who made him look like a fool, and was beaten up by in a bar one night. After gaining his revenge on him he steals a black bag that has a great deal of money, however that money was actually taken from an illegal casino operated by the Yakuza so now both groups are after Aki and his mates to get back the money.

Guess who else is in the movie :3

Yep Yep Van’s in the movie, she owns a bar called Pink Pink :3

Ok Iron Man, now wow what a movie this was, Treeluv you need to see this flick. Out of all the marvel films that has been released this one is TOTALLY worth it. Iron Man actually has a good plot/story, its not stupid, awesome animations etc etc… overall it was just brilliant. So far with the success at the box office they already have made news that there will be a 2nd and there is a released date already which is insane since its only been out in theaters for 4 days. If you haven’t seen it yet and you are a Marvel fan this is a must see. :3

Code Geass = OH SNAP again

6 May

WELL! ok the episode was dull, boring really lead to nothing jsut a bunch of mindless chit chat about the festival and whatnots BUT! but but but! even though this episode is filler like, you must watch still cause of the ending! WOW its like playing a game off chess and that ending was a check mate!

Eclipse Subs Episode 5 Torrent