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Dead Japanese Man

29 Apr

In news today a dead Japaneses man was found dead in the corner of 5th avenue. Witnesses say his death was cause by the hooker he had tried to get lucky with at around 3am, they assume that after he had paid the hooker to do her work and when she left the motor vehicle he tried to kill her to get his money back. Little that the Japaneses man knew the hooker was carrying a Desert Eagle Caliber: .357 Magnum and shot him down before he could commit such crime and robbed him of all his cash. The Victims names Was Kiyoshi Muyo age 37. Police were investigating the ware abouts of the hooker but gave up after finding out it was local actress Eliza Dushku.

GTA 4 is out so i know i wont be talking to a particular person XD


27 Apr

This is my version of yawping –  peace out.

See you, kids.

Forbidden Kingdom/Last Friends

21 Apr

oooo 2 shows today aren’t I risky LAWL nahhh. WELL! lets get typing!

Forbidden Kigdom… what to say about this movie… well 1st off it TOTALLY wasnt what I taught it was going to be about. Normally when i se emovies like this i think off Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon or those serious Drama type movies but I was WAY! off on this. Forbidden kingdom is more of a comedy, action and fantasy type movie, which somehow turn out to be pretty good =D, some may think this movie is horrible or it will suck but meh I liked it, it kept me entertained form beginning to end and it was able to actually have a decent story/tale. Overall if u like comedy action type stuff give this movie a chance. it like putting Rush Hour in a Chinese Pastime with no Chris Tucker LOL

OK OK Last Friends. I picked up episode one and two and WOW this is a good show XD pretty violent in a way but damn its gotten good and there is only 2 episodes so WOW good job whoever is writing this stuff. Also who liked the ending of Episode 2?? MAN! I was like OH SNAP THAT JUST HAPPENED and was like NOOOOO the darn show ended, i demand episode 3!!

FFVII: Crisis Core = ^___________^

18 Apr


This game has exceedingly exceeded my expectations in endless ways. ^_________^

Crisis Core paralleled FF7’s story structure to the near perfection, accounting for the major video game revolution seen in the past several years. Its magnificent ability to maintain the original story, while adding new exciting plots are good RPG game requirements. Zack Fair, Cloud’s memorable, yet dead friend ;_; in the original FF7, comes to life ^_^ as the protaginist, carrying the trademark Buster Sword(w00t). As a top class SOLDIER, he carries out frequent duties arranged by Shinra Co. alongside companions. Throughout the game, unexpected twists of friendship, hate, and decisions, formulate wonderously, never reaching mundane archaism. Many original characters return such as <3Tifa<3, Cloud :/, Cait Sith, Sephiroth ~_~, and the maniacal Hojo. The plots are well progressed leaving zero plotholes and a plethora of interests. Every new introduced character plays a meaningful role with a pleasing abundant amount of memories and the MUSIC ROckS ^.^ …so yea ..FFVII:CC…is an awesome U NEED TO GET ITif u have a PSP 😀 ………..annnndd………heres a Random Eliza Dushku Pic just Because >_> OMGHAWTNESS <3OMGHAWTNESS!!!

Why PV

18 Apr

For the Crisis Core fans out there I bring you Ayaka and her promotional video WHY for the Crisis Core video games so grab grab while its here.

WHY (comment for re-upload)

Gin Gwai (The Eye)

17 Apr

Gin Gwai

On the Sun dance channel i came upon this movie around at midnight, and it intrigued me to see what it was about.

The movie is about our main heroine Wong Kar Mun who went blind at a very young age. She is a very talented violinist, and has a very supportive family. Her family help her get an corneal transplant operation, so that she can have her sight back again. All is well after the operation right? Heh Wrong! after the day of the operation, Wong Kar Mun started seeing bizarre and inexplicable events ( like the ghost of dead people). Now it is up to Wong Kar Mun and her sidekick ( Dr. Wah ) to journey across the vast plains to find the origins of her cornea and to learn about the dark history behind the bizarre events.

The movie was done extremely well in my opinion, the storyline , the special effects and how the plot is tied back together in the end. The appearances of some of the ghost kind of freak me out a bit ( the old man in the elevator) but nevertheless the movie kept me hooked on too it at all times.

I’d really recommended this movie to watch (unless you scary films)


16 Apr

Guess who’s back

back again

Zero’s Back

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Yep yep Code Geass is back (yea im a lil late bite me :3) and its still ever so good. With just 2 episodes so far its oh so evil for ending then 2nd episode the way it did, sadly i must now wait/die for episode 3 to know what is about to happen. Literally you can never really tell what is going to happen thus why this anime is epic win.

If you haven’t grabbed the episodes yet get the MKV version from the subbers at Eclipse their work is flawless (awesome job subteam)

*Note- link are torrents not DD*

Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Episode 1

Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Episode 2

New Single =D/When Artist Blog

15 Apr
NEW SINGLE 6月18日(水)リリース
約1年半振りとなる、4th Single!!
伴 都美子が初めて作曲を手がけた楽曲、
そしてORIGINAL LOVE 「Hum a Tune」のカヴァー楽曲を収録!
時代や世代を超えて人々の心を打つメッセージを放つ♪【CD+DVD】1万枚限定 AVCD-31276/B ¥1,890(税込)
【CD】AVCD-31277 ¥1,260(税込)

YAY more Van =D Cant wait *drools*


青山テルマ、スムルース、Chicago Poodleも出演したイベントライブ。



Basically she says about Live events at Namba Hatch in Osaka recently. Thelma Aoyama, SUMURUSU, Chicago Poodle also appeared in a live event. And the first time in many years living in Osaka she gets anxiety performing in front of a warm crowd of people who call out to her making the live able to go through safely to finish.

Protect Our Rights!Go Against Orphaned Works Bill.

14 Apr

This little paragraph is in part considering my opinion XD

Jian, most you know who this is ( i mean the authors of this blog) has showed me an interesting yet frustrating and disturbing article. Plagiarism according to is “the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work”. This bill being debated in congress will actually legalized plagiarism (sort of speaking) , this bill will not only apply to art work, but also other things such as writing, photography and any creation that an individual might do. To prevent this plagiarism, you would have to pay a an amount of money in order to copyright it (although some copyright programs are free but that can be overshadow by other companies)

A picture that you put of your friends or any creative works that you have made could easily be taken away from you and the companies will take your work or your photos of friends an use it for their own benefit. Any product of your mind can be taken and sold without your consent.

here is the article

this is the bill explanation

if you still want more information you could check it out in facebook and search for the group

“Protect our Rights, Facebook aganist orphaned works bill”

and you could also search for it ok or on

Why do you look up into the lonely heavens?

10 Apr

SO! with the long title comes and explanation :3 (but overall its just a Zack thing)

We all know Crisis Core is out and me myself being the little FF nut I am, played it a lil on my friends PSP and I enjoyed it, it was quite an interesting new style for the FF series especially with the new battling system. Well I cant really type much about it cause I myself haven’t even beaten it or played through it completely, but me myself being the dork I am know pretty much what happens and was really impressed how the story connects with everything FFVII (booo VI owns all). So with all that happens in CC it explains some things in FFVII that confused me and now its all crystal clear so woot woot the game makes sense and since its all Zack ( Zack >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cloud) the game just owns even more.

FFCC OST is really nice too :3 I really enjoy the different styles for the “Theme of Crisis Core” so far I personally like Theme of CRISIS CORE ”Dreams and Pride”, Theme of CRISIS CORE ”Scars of Friendship” and Theme of CRISIS CORE ”To a New Post” really really nice :3. Many of the other track in the OST are really good too :3

Now Kiyoshi when you read this go beat the darn game already :3

P.S your gonna shed a tear :3