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3 Oct

The beta is over and version 5 is finally up and showcasing Competitive Pokemon at their very finest!  The very best competitive Pokemon site, featuring Pokemon strategies, articles, tools, movesets, breeding instructions, and team analysis for Nintendo and other Pokemon Tournaments. Add your own Pokemon movesets/builds, create your team, find their weaknesses/strengths, and discover the true keys to victory!

Visit us at:  www.hohoushome.com

Hohou's Home

24 Aug

I actually meant to post this blog 😀

Sand from a Distant Shore

For the last week I’ve been trying to compile a post, adding a little here and there… only to look at it the next day and find it totally outdated already. In deference to this, I’m just going to skip most of everything that happened (for now) and talk about Naju!



I found out where my placement would be a few weeks ago, but I only learned about my home-stay on Monday night. That gave me only one full day, Tuesday, before my ceremonial departure on Wednesday afternoon. I didn’t know what I would do if I got a huge family — I’d gone broke shopping for gifts in Seoul, and only had enough items for three people. I also hadn’t been able to turn up any gifts for boys. If I got a host brother, I’d be screwed.

Fortunately, there are three people in my family: my…

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24 Aug

Wow no one has been here for a long time. Well any ways , I found this interesting blog of a friend who is doing her Fullbright Scholarship in South Korea.  ^_^ South Korea the hub of online gaming. Her method of writing is like reading a novel and its addicting I think you all should give this blog a go. 😀

just click on the link and it will take you to her blog 😛



9 Sep

It’s Frozenbreak’s Birthday! Wooooooooooooooooooooooot!

Pottermore has been announced!

23 Jun

So JK Rowling’s been teasing us ALL week on youtube with a mysterious page filled with a countdown and abunch of virtual owls that grew and grew in flock size as the countdown came closer to it’s date. Today, her announcement has been revealed! Apparently her (along with the help of Sony) have designed a new website (www.pottermore.com) dedicated to give little extra tidbits and facts and possibly fancy cutout animations with instrumental music to go along with the story for readers to use while reading their Potter novels with the billions of fans around the world. “Pottermore is a free website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books.”

Its funny because  a few years back she meantioned she will make a Potter Encyclopedia that would explain all the little tids bits in the book as well as all the tidbits she never explained (for example: how a Horcrux is actually made). This website seems to be a combination of not only that wizarding world encyclopedia but what I hope is more of those fancy cutout illustrations that go along with the books. The site also seems to be a plugin to buy Harry Potter audio books, eBooks, and so forth. No clue yet about other Harry Potter merchandise but I get the feeling Rowling isnt about to try and sell us Mugs and “I love Hufflepuff” T-shirts (hell that’s what Potter Island is for in Orlando). Knowing her she’s going to keep this site to strictly educational and reading materials as she wants the joy of reading to be spread across the world. 🙂 gotta love JK.

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Vindictus and League Of Legends Icons

12 Jun

So I got a new game last night – Vindictus…. AMAZING hack & slash mmo! Its sort of a mix of Guildwars, World of Warcraft, and Gunz Online…. Love it. 😀

Also I redesigned the Icon I have for League of Legends. Made an amazing Kassadin themed one (I had a Kayle one that I had found somewhere previously). Anyways, here are the icons:

Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..” for the .png version Awesomesauce Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..” for the .png version

Still Alive

10 Jun

The blog is still alive!!! Do not fret it will keep living forever! Anyways a long story short, work + school isn’t fun. BRB DOORBELL! OK that was Dad with Lunch! Ok as I was saying With school and work I myself haven’t been able to log on much to post and boy do I have lots to post, but it will probably be compressed into one big post. Other than that. I will probably be thinking up new Theme for the blog and get this place alive again. Check Back again 😉

Brink and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Icons

1 Jun

Made some round icons for Brink and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Brinks pretty interesting and I’m still in the process of getting Hunted but both deserve a nice round icon for desktops like mine 😀

Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..” for the .png version Awesomesauce Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..” for the .png version

Portal 2 and Minecraft Icons

28 Apr

So I’ve got my entire desktop filled with shiny round icons for all my games but I couldnt find any good shiny circle icons out there for Portal 2 nor for Minecraft (both of which I’ve been playing heavily recently) so I decided to make my own and post em up for people who have the same issue I do.. enjoy 🙂

Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..”  for the .png version

Awesomesauce 🙂

Japan Culture Day Fund Raising Event

23 Apr

Made by Char 😀

Hey guys incase you don’t have anything to do on saturday, April 30th, you could come to the Japan Culture Day event at FIU.

We also need volunteers incase your interested 😀 just email: japanclubfiu@gmail.com ( I check this email constantly >_<)

Plus we will have DDR tournament, Karaoke, Origami, Para Para dancing, Yosakoi dance (i’m in this one >_<),  Aikido demonstration (i’m participating in this, so you’ll probably see me get thrown), Kendo, Iaido (Traditional Japanese swordsmanship), Taiko Drumming ( its those huge drums they play on), Lots of food XD,  kanji face painting, keitai strap (phone strap, you learn to make them) and other activites cause yeah there is alot, ooh! i forgot there is also Japanese games as in Janken (paper, scissor rocks (but extreme), this bread race?  XD its really weird games.

Yeah just want to get it out there.

And um I couldn’t go out yesterday to Christine because i had no car and I um fell asleep after orly texted me so i missed most of the text you guys sent me.

Sowwy >_<